Youth Snowmobile Helmets To Buy In 2020

Youth Snowmobile Helmets To Buy In 2020

Riding the snow terrain provides a different thrill and exhilaration, but requires the same safety precaution with the other climate conditions. So when you need to buy the right head gear for your child, the first thing you have to know is the best kind of helmet to buy.

There are basically 4 types of helmets out there. There is the open-face style helmet which does not have a chin bar, but is good for warm terrains because it does not fog-up quickly, the snow-cross style helmet which does not have a face shield which requires you to use goggles, the modular snowmobile helmets that is designed with a full-face shield and a front portion you can flip up that is great when you need to rest, and the full-face snowmobile helmets which covers your entire head and comes with a flip-up shield plus breath or vent that effectively reduces fogging. If you want the best in protection and warmth, go for the full-face, specially for youth snowmobile helmets.

After figuring out the helmet you need, there are still some tips that you have to be aware of. Do not just purchase any helmet that does not meet industry standards. Because you’ll be wearing this for long periods of time, get the one that fits your child’s head very well, one that stays put and snug all the time. And last but not the least, nothing stays the same forever, including your helmet. You need to buy a new one after a couple of years because the protective material shall weaken as you use it.

Top Five best Youth Snowmobile Helmets

Now that you’re geared up for choosing the best youth snowmobile helmets out there, we have compiled some of the models that you would like to choose from.


1. PGR X25 Youth Glory Motocross Off Road Helmet

Black is such a tough color and it makes perfect sense for teens to gravitate towards this helmet. Once you hold it, you will find out how light it is and it is just what mobile kids want nowadays. The snugness factor excellent with its ergonomically designed padding and its removable cheek pad that customizes the helmet to the head like no other. You do not have to worry about the helmet moving uncomfortably because of the Double D Ring Retention System that allows you to easily adjust the fit and fasten its chin strap. Approved by the Department of Transportation, it just gives the teenager the look, feel, and safety of a winner.


  • High Quality Glory Graphic Design Gloss Finish
  • Light Weight and comfortable interior with Removable liner & cheek pads.
  • Height adjustable peak with free helmet bag
  • Double D Ring Strap rentension system
  • Exceeded DOT FMVSS 218 Approved

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2. Razor Full Face Youth Helmet (Black Cherry)

A lot of teens have the guts to do dangerous stuff and there is nothing we can do about it, except to protect them the best way we can. For 4 wheeler fans, this helmet is the best you can give to your kid. The striking combination of black and pink is just right for the kid to show it off. This full-faced helmet can be counted on to protect your child from the trails that he or she would likely cross in full speed like bumpy trails and downhill paths. Safety and comfort are provided by the full-circumference headband padding that just makes the helmet a requisite when driving their vehicles.

Eyesight is also considered by providing a lot of air for goggles to fit in, while good breathing is ensured with the 17 vents that it has. If your kid is between 8 and 14, they can easily share this helmet without you worrying about anything, especially because it complies with the CPSC standards.


  • Full-face helmet for youth comes with extra pads for a secure comfortable fit.
  • 17 vents guarantee a cool head at all times.
  • Adjustable visor and strap; spacious eye port for use with goggles.
  • Complies with CPSC standards. Full-circumference headband.
  • Fits head diameters from 21.5 to 23 inches; ages 8 to 14 years old.

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3. Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

Raging hormones prompt kids to push things to the limit and that includes their safety. And this is why parents do not have a choice, but to provide the right gear for their teens who enjoy the rush of driving in the snow. And if you want them to wear their snowmobile helmet, the design has to be good enough for them and that is right up in the alley of this motor-inspired style. A full-faced helmet, it uses hand laminated fibreglass that adds to the sleekness of the look and the sturdiness that every parent wants for his or her child. Optimum airflow is also guaranteed by the 15 vents it has.

Though sharing is ill-advised, the helmet fits most youngsters. However, with its fantastic price, it would be better to buy one for each of them. On top of these, its CPSC Bicycle certified which is what safety is all about.


  • Sturdy and lightweight full-face Downhill/ BMX racing helmet gives at recession-busting value.
  • Totally ventilated, weight is only 950 grams and low profile design.
  • Adjustable visor and hand laminated fiberglass shell.
  • Ideal for BMX, Super-D, Moto-inspired design lines and all mountain riding.
  • Size is fit for senior and junior riders. Has got CPSC and CE EN1078 bicycle certificate.

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4. PGR X25 Youth Dragon Motocross Off Road Helmet

If your kid is aiming to become a champ, this Bell helmet shall pave the way for it. Designed with a winning look, it gives the professional vibe and all the things you expect from a champion’s helmet. Full-faced helmets are the most ideal ones and this one meets your expectations. Do not let its 950 gram-lightness fool you. It is as sturdy and robust as its predecessors, but with an adjusted size to fit your teenagers head the way it should. Suffocation shall never be a concern because it has 15 vents that are strategically place all over the helmet. This beauty is just perfect for mount riding and other risky terrains.


  • Light Weight and comfortable interior with Removable liner & cheek pads.
  • High Quality Paint Finish ( UV Protection ).
  • Height adjustable peak with free helmet bag.
  • Double D Ring Strap rentension system.
  • Exceeded DOT FMVSS 218 Approved.

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5. PGR X25 Youth Motocross Dune Buggy Helmet

Comfort and safety are the two things that come to mind when choosing the helmet for your kid. Well, look no further because this is the helmet you need for your teens. As safe as it looks menacing with its high quality paint finish, it is definitely built to last. Full-faced protection is what it aims to provide and it does just that by exceeding the standards set by the Department of Transportation. And because we are talking about your kids, utmost comfort is what this helmet gives. Light enough to carry around every time they have to urge to ride, it was also built with ergonomically designed padding that comes with its very own removable cheek pad which totally gives the right fit that your child needs. Bigger kids will not have problems with this helmet too.


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  • youth motocross;
  • and it is youth atv helmet.

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Youth snowmobile helmets are there to protect your children from this particular weather condition. However, it would be nice to keep an eye on the other things that matter like the snowmobile itself. Teach your kids to drive responsibly by ingraining in them the basics like checking everything your child, or any adult passengers. Oil and brakes are essential and regular tune-ups would also protect your kid and your family from unwanted accidents. Let these become habits. At the rate your kids is growing, there is a fair amount of excitement that comes with that age, and the adrenalin just feeds on that. Let the youth be the kids that they are, but always remind them that safety comes first.


So, get the quality helmets at the We assure you that the helmets that we recommend are the best in the industry that provides excellent protection and suit your budget needs.


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