Youth Motocross Helmets Review And Buying Guide

Youth Motocross Helmets Review And Buying Guide

Motocross is arguably one of the most popular off-road motorized sports. So popular that it cuts across age and generations – from the young and budding enthusiasts to the grownup motocross junkies. It takes the extreme in extreme sports to a different exhilarating level, as the rider makes that holeshot, completes every braking bumps, jumps and stunts. It is a perfect mix of adrenaline rush and heart-pumping excitement, which is certainly enticing for any adventure and thrill-seeker, swathed in gripping speed and intense competition for youth motocross helmets.

This rush has roused the interest of more and more fledgling riders. Nothing can be more exciting for young daredevils than getting their hands on completing a full lap on graphic-clad bikes, wearing stylish racing garbs and learning mad motocross riding skills. And the age of beginners has gone to as young as three years old. But whether the kid is three or thirteen, safety definitely should take the top importance.

Top 7 Youth Motocross Helmets

Now that you know how to see whether a helmet perfectly fits the head of a child or a young teen, let us no take at some of the top youth motocross helmet brands and models that are out in the market.


1. FLY Kinetic Block Out Motocross Helmet

This motocross helmet stands out with its powerful graphics, bold color choices and lightweight features. It provides comfort and ample ventilation, while still keeping an up to par protection for the young rider.

Product Features
  • DOT Approved – meets or exceeds the toughest safety standards in the market. It also complies with other safety criteria, which includes AS (Australia) and ECE.
  • Poly-alloy Shell – means strength and durability without the weightiness. This provides a light feel making it a perfect choice for long motocross rides and races.
  • Dual Density EPS Liner – provides more progressive impact absorption with its two layers of Expanded Polystyrene combining one that is softer and another one that is harder.
  • Plush Quick Snap Removable Liner and Cheek Pads – keeps you looking clean and extend the life of your helmet.
  • High Volume Vents – ten (10) massive vents allows cooling airflow through the helmet, eliminating heat build up and providing excellent ventilation.
  • Hi–flow Mouthpiece – cool style and plenty of airflow combined.
  • Variety of bold color choices – comes in Matte Black, Matte Black/ Hi-Viz Yellow, White/Red, Blue/Black, Wild and Orange/Black color choices.

The 2014 FLY Kinetic Block Out Motocross Helmet is actually on the low price range with retail costs ranging between $89.95 to $99.95. It garnered good customer reviews for its comfort, lightweightness and nice design, which allow putting sponsor stickers and logos without compromising ventilation quality and feature.

Fly Racing is a known brand of motorsports apparel, hard gear and accessories. It has a wide range of motocross helmet choices, which includes helmets for youth riders. The 2014 Fly Kinetic Block Out Motocross helmet stands out with its powerful graphics, bold color choices and lightweight features. It is crafted with a Poly Alloy Shell providing strength and durability without the weightiness, making it a perfect choice for long motocross rides and races.

It also provides comfort and ample ventilation, while still keeping an up to par protection for the young rider. Also, It is fitted with a Dual Density EPS liner for better impact absorption. Its washable face and cheek pads are easily removed and snapped back in place. It also has ten (1) massive vents and a hi-flow mouthpiece, which allows cooling airflow that eliminates heat build up.

If you like bold color and graphic designs, then this is a better choice over the earlier above-mentioned helmets. It comes in Matte Black, Matte Black/ Hi-Viz Yellow, White/Red, Blue/Black, Wild and Orange/Black color choices. It garnered good customer reviews for its comfort, lightweightness and nice design, which allow putting sponsor stickers and logos without compromising ventilation quality and feature.

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2. HJC CL-XY Youth Fulcrum Helmet

Known for its manufacturing experience, high quality and reasonably priced helmets, the HJC CL-XY Youth Fulcrum Helmet is an excellent choice for a budding motocross rider who love to bring pizzazz to the rack track with its bold colors and designs. Not only that, it is equipped with advanced technology that provides ample ventilation and a wide range of visibility.

 Product Features
  • DOT Standard Certified – ensures protection from impact and injury.
  • Polycarbonate Composite Shell – provides lightweight feature and superior comfort using advanced CAD technology.
  • Advanced Ventilation System – offers a full front to back airflow flushing humidity and heat out.
  • Plush Nylex Interior – provides interior comfort, removable and washable keeping you clean.
  • Large Eye Port and Maximum Range Adjustment – provides maximum visibility in whatever direction and takes advantage of proper goggle fitting.
  • Wide Range of Design and Color Choices – comes in with 10 color choices, including 3 solid colors, and 4 graphic choices.


It is built with a Polycarbonate Composite Shell, which provides its lightweight feature and is developed with superior comfort using advanced CAD technology. The interior is lined with Plush Nylex material that is removable and washable to keep the young rider feeling clean every race.

It also has an Advanced Ventilation System that offers full front to back airflow that flushes humidity and heat out of the head for that much-needed comfort. One great feature of this specific HJC model is that it has a Large Eye Port, which provides for maximum range adjustment. This makes it one of the best youth motocross helmets to offer great visibility in whatever direction.

What is even great is that there is a wide range of design and color choices. It has a total of ten (10) color choices, including three (3) solid colors, and four (4) graphic choices.

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3. Fox Racing V4 Flight Carbon Helmet

Fox Racing is one of the trusted, most recognized and best-selling brands of youth lifestyle and motocross apparel worldwide. The Fox Racing V4 Flight Carbon Helmet is built with technically advanced carbon-fiber shell and dual density EPS liner. It weighs approximately 16 pounds making it reasonably lightweight for young novice motocross riders.

Product Features
  • Complete carbon fiber shell construction
  • 4 shell sizes and 4 EPS sizes for a precise fit
  • Dual density EPS liner
  • 16 intake scoops and 8 exhaust for unmatched airflow
  • Exceeds Snell 2010 and DOT standards

One great feature of this high-end helmet is that it provides a tighter fit compared to its earlier predecessor like the V2. This is because it comes in four (4) shell sizes and four (4) EPS sizes for a precise fit. Its comfort is further enhanced with its 16 intake scoops and eight (8) exhausts for maximum airflow and cooling system, which makes it an ideal helmet choice in hotter climate regions. It is crafted with Dri Lex Comfort Liner for enhanced moisture wicking.

While Fox Racing has motocross helmets that are gender specific, this model is an excellent choice for either a young budding girl or boy rider.

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4. Thor MX Quadrant Fragment Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Thor MX boasts itself as the number 1 brand motorsports apparel company with 46 years of providing the best gears to 58 championships in Supercross, Motocross and FIM. Their youth off-road helmets are not as extensive as other brands with just two model types. One of which is the Thor MX Quadrant Fragment Helmet.

It is manufactured with a blended acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polycarbonate shell, which keeps the helmet rigid, hard and heat resistant without the excess weight. The shell is also equipped with dual-density expanded polystyrene liner for ample impact absorption and the comfort liner is removable and washable. It has an oversized forehead venting and a direct flow mouth guard with mesh filter providing considerably good ventilation. It comes in three color and design choices, which include Black, Blue and Orange.

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5. One Industries Youth Atom Camoto Helmet

One Industries started out as a leader in moto graphics kits, but eventually expanded their business in delivering moto gears and helmets. What is great about the company is that it was established by a small band of passionate riders. This is showcased on how well made their products are, which include kids motocross helmets.

One of their best helmets is the Youth Atom Camoto Helmet, which is specifically designed for kids with excellent strength to weight ratio, thanks to its polycarbonate alloy shell construction. This DOT and ECE certified motocross helmet has a protective crown and super impact absorption feature. Its fully channeled Dual Density EPS Liner had large intake and exhaust openings that provide increased cooling airflow. The plush, moisture-wicking Nylex liner and cheek pads can be easily removed and cleaned. It has a large eye port and great goggle fitment that allows for maximum and enhanced visibility.

What we like about this helmet is that its design is kid appropriate but still has that very “pro” look to it. It comes in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and Black/Gray color and design choices. The great thing about it is that it is within the mid-price range – perfect for those looking for a cost for quality motocross helmet.

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6. O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Helmet

O’Neal offers the widest range of motocross helmets for youth and senior riders and has been at the forefront in the last three decades. So, you will definitely know that buying a motocross helmet from this brand is proven to provide your kids the needed protection with technologically advanced and state-of-the-art helmets.

Product Features
  • Shell weight (size large): 1350 grams ( 50)
  • Polycarbonate/ABS shell Construction
  • Meets DOT, ECE 22-05 and AS/NZS safety standards
  • Durable multi-colored clear coated graphics
  • Replacement parts Available

There are various designs to the O’Neal 5 Series, but we picked out the Wingman design because of its sleek jet pilot helmet print. Any young rider would definitely have confidence as he or she flies through the sky after making a jump in the racetrack.

It is built with a polycarbonate/ABS shell construction and is lined with ultra-plush removable and washable padded liner that keeps your young rider cool and dry by wicking away sweat. It is equipped with multiple air vents that provide ample flow of air to keep your kid comfortable. Its durable multi-colored clear-coated graphics comes with an adjustable visor design and meets the DOT, ECE and AS standards.

Other design choices in the 5 Series include the Piston Black/Yellow and Black/White, Mutant Blue/Red and Acid Blue/Red.

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7. 2014 AFX FX-17Y Trap Motocross Helmet

If you are looking for an affordable motocross helmet for your kid, AFX offers a wide range of motorcycle helmets with maximum bang for the buck features.

Product Features
  • Lightweight composite poly-alloy shell
  • Evolutionary design based on the FX-86R with additional inner ventilation channels with new twin top exhaust vents
  • Fully removable liner and cheek pads
  • Replaceable screw-on visor
  • Six high-flow ventilation points

The AFX FX-17Y Trap helmet is the newest in its FX-17 line that is specifically designed for off-road moto challenges. This model meets or exceeds the DOT FMVS-218 motorcycle safety standards and is constructed with an aerodynamic shell design using an advanced composite poly alloy material. It has 11 ventilation points with chin, side, forehead and rear vents and includes a removable screw-on visor.

What we particularly love about this motocross helmet is that it is lined with hypoallergenic and anti-microbial nylon liner and cheek pads, which makes it a perfect choice for material-sensitive skin. Also, it is equipped with the Youth Liner System, which means that it can be converted to any of the three youth helmet sizes by just simply swapping of liner components. These special features of the FX-17Y line get a two thumbs up from purchaseguides.

And the color and graphics design are especially cool with choices that include Black/Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Fuchsia, Red and Yellow. This is a great motocross helmet for any gender.

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How to Choose Youth Motocross Helmets

But it is not just about picking the first helmet off the rack, you should be mindful in choosing a youth motocross helmets. The wrong size of helmet increases the risk of serious injury. Specifically, helmet that is too big for the head can get knocked off in an accident.

  1. The helmet should meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) Safety Standards. Look out for the DOT stickers, as well as labels of private and non-profit safety standard organizations like Snell or ANSI.
  2. Try on the helmet and check for a proper fit. To select the right size of helmet, here are a few guidelines to consider.
    1. Measure the head about one inch above the eyebrows.
    2. Select the helmet size that closely matches the head measurement using a helmet brand’s sizing chart.
    3. If the head size falls in between two helmet sizes, fit the larger size first before the smaller one.
    4. The helmet should fit snugly on the head. The top of the head should press firmly to the top of the helmet interior and the cheek pads should be in contact to the cheeks. Make sure that there should be no space in between the inner lining and the eyebrow. To test this, insert your fingers between the spaces. If your fingers easily go into the space, try on the smaller size.
    5. It should not be fixed and not move while you are wearing it. A good way to do this is by placing your hands on each side of the helmet and rotating the helmet left and right and up and down to test whether the helmet padding is sliding on your head. The right fit should allow you to feel that the helmet interior. If the helmet easily slides on your head, try the smaller size instead.
  3. The chinstrap must be tight against the jaw without causing any pain.
  4. Check the field of vision that you will be able to see in all directions.
  5. Make sure that the helmet stays in place in the event of a fall or collision. To test the retention of the helmet, try to push the helmet off by rotating it forward and then backward.

Safety and the Proper Gears

Because from the moment the rider steps inside the race track, danger and the risk of serious injury is never far from happening. That is why picking the right safety gears is as crucial as choosing the right bike. Suiting up appropriately can spell the difference between getting a minor scratch, a bloody gash or a trip to the emergency room.

A long-sleeve jersey and pants should be completed with a quality race boots, gloves, eye protection and body armor. But the number one in the racer rulebook of safety gears is wearing good youth motocross helmets. Investing in quality helmets is certainly crucial as it protects the young rider’s head and face from impact. Settling for the basic or cheap motorcycle helmet does not cut it. Buying a quality helmet that is specifically designed for motocross racing cannot be overemphasized in safeguarding a rider from injury.


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