Safety Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide and Reviews

Safety Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide and Reviews

Safety Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide and Reviews – When I was a kid, I always remember my mother trying to get me to wear my bicycle helmet anytime I set out on my bike. However, I never did listen to her, as none of the other neighborhood kids were ever wearing helmets and I didn’t want to be the only dork wearing a helmet. I knew I should be listening to her on it, but kids will be kids!

As I got older and was paying attention more to drivers as my time to get my license approached, I was in awe of the motorcycle riders I would see. It looked like great fun and I was determined to one day get my motorcycle license as well. I started reading anything I could on them and would always get excited when I saw one around town. Then one day I witnessed one of these bikes fall and crash right before my eyes and that shook me to the core. The rider had plenty of road rash but wound up coming out of it ok, and everyone said it was due to his bike helmet.

Top Six Safety Motorcycle Helmet reviews

It’s not an easy task to rate best five motorbike helmet. Bike market is so large and various high quality and large company have their own best helmet brands. For finding safety motorcycle helmets, we needed help from amazon, eBay and Walmart. We collect previous customer rating, review and also price and after that we are calculating best five. So check and read the five best motorbike helmet that are right now more popular in the market.


1. Oneal Fastrack II Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Technology

Constructed with PrePreg fiberglass and a nylon construction which is cross woven, this helmet is made using an advanced manufacturing process which is usually reserved for exotic cars or high end aeronautical parts. This type of production for a motorcycle helmet is rarely seen, and in the end you get a precise shell design which is extremely uniform. All the shells have to be within fifty grams of the weight stated on the helmet itself so it can pass quality controls which are very strict.

The shell also turns out to be very lightweight. Plus, the company has three different outer shell sizes which makes sure the helmet will look proportionate with your body. A lot of other brands only sell one shell size, which can result in a disproportionate look.

The spoiler on top which is over sized is one of the smartest features of this helmet. This is because it has been made to pull the tornadic buffeting that happens at the back of all helmets away from the back of the helmet, making it much quieter and stable on the highway.

Plus, with the Bluetooth capabilities of this helmet, you can easily listen to your media devices or GPS directions without any wires hanging in your way or having a cumbersome microphone up against your face.

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2. Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This adult sized helmet is the most advanced modular dual visor helmet. It has a one-hand, one button flip-up system which changes the helmet from a full face helmet to an open face helmet. It is waterproof and glove friendly, plus has EPS impact absorption inner liner which absorbs sweat. The liner is completely washable and removable, and is a lightweight durable shell. The advance thermoplastic shell technology used to create this helmet keeps you safer on the road.

One of the best motor cycle helmets available, this helmet also features an easy to retract sun visor which is scratch resistant. You’ll also be pleased to note that the helmet has an advanced ventilation system that gives you the best air flow possible.

Since this is a modular helmet, the jaw piece will pop up but is not removable. Before purchasing you should go to the website for the correct sizing as well to ensure you are getting a properly fitting helmet. Also, there are air vents on this helmet to help prevent fogging if you are wearing any type of glasses, however due to weather you could still experience some fogging.

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3. Bell Rogue Helmet- Another Safety Motorcycle Helmet

Like no other helmet available, this Bell Rogue helmet is striking in looks and has a composite shell that makes up the base of the helmet which is lightweight. On the inside, you’ll find a safe and plush liner, but the thing that stands out the most about this helmet is the Rogues muzzle. It is built to shield your face from the wind, bugs and cold, and it can also detach quickly when needed.

This helmet has the comfort and freedom of an open face helmet and will definitely get you noticed no matter what kind of motorcycle you ride. The adjustable muzzle also has a liner which is removable and the FidLock magnetic connection makes putting ontake off the muzzle a simple task.

This helmet has three different EPS and shell sizes, giving you the most comfort and range of size, plus a washable and removable interior. For added convenience you’ll find speaker pockets, plus the helmet includes D-rings made of quality stainless steel and metal badges. It comes with a five year warranty and is DOT certified.

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4. GMax GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet includes an alloy shell of thermo-plastic and a sun shield which is retractable. The helmet has a small, lightweight shell design which sits down on your head. It has an inner flip tin sun less and this shield is raised or lowered easily with a lever which is located on the outside of the helmet. It has a distortion free lens shield and new, multi-function integrated red LED rear light, plus an optional rear break light kit.

You can easily use one hand to push open the chin bar and the high quality shield reduces any unwanted noise or air. Also part of this helmet is an dual exhaust venting system that is also adjustable and vents from the side, top and rear, lowering the amount of sweating and fogging by letting out any hot air from around your mouth and the top of your head. The chin vent which is adjustable as well will direct any air up over the inside of the shield to lessen or even stop fogging. The large eye port gives you an improved range of vision and the cool max cheek pads and comfort liner wick away the moisture from your body, plus the fabric dries fast.

The interior is removable and washable, plus the cheek pad is adjustable so you can get a better and more comfortable fit. The deluxe ear pockets on this helmet also provide you with additional comfort and a better fit, plus the pockets for speakers which are built in are handy for many listening devices.

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5. HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet

This DOT approved helmet has a composite shell made of advanced polycarbonate, making it a superior and lightweight fit and extreme comfort using CAD advanced technology. The integrated sunshield is easy to use with just one touch and the three stage adjustable and smoke tinted sunshield quickly and easily opens to shield your eyes and keep you safe.

The helmet includes an AccuSight anti-fog face shield which is optically superior due to its 3D design and gives you ninety-five percent UV protection, plus it has a coating to prevent it from getting scratched up. You’ll also be pleased to find an interior with moisture-wicking capabilities giving you an odor free interior with the advanced silver fabric which is anti-bacterial. It is also removable, comfortable and washable, giving you the best in style and comfort.

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6. Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

With just a touch of a button and one hand, this helmet easily converts from a full face helmet to an open faced helmet. It is glove friendly and has controls which are waterproof, plus an EPS impact absorption liner which is totally removable and washable. The interior is constructed of an advanced and lightweight, durable shell.

The sun visor is anti-scratch and easily retractable, plus there is an advanced ventilation system that helps to give you the best air flow possible, keeping the helmet thoroughly vented. The helmet also has dual stainless steel D-Rings and includes a cloth helmet bag.

Be sure to measure your head before shopping for a helmet to ensure the proper fit of this helmet. Because of the air flow this helmet has, you will have plenty of ventilation which will also reduce any sweating and odors.

Above are some of the safety motorcycle helmets for you to choose from. Know what your needs are first before shopping for this important piece of equipment, and this list can help you decide upon the right helmet for you.

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Tips for Choosing Helmet for Motorcycle

When you are looking for the safety motorcycle helmet, there are some things you should learn to look for to help you do this. So what exactly does make a particular helmet the best one? The best helmet in the end is one that suits you just right and will fit all of your needs, not your friend’s. You’ll need to look for safety, comfort and make sure the price is right as well.


  • 1. How is the Fit? – The most important thing to check is that it fits properly, because this will ensure it offers the safety you need. A lot of riders who are inexperienced many times will purchase a helmet that is too large. This could wind up being more comfortable at first, but will not offer you the right protection if it is loose.


  • 2. Comfort – Sometimes you could be on a longer journey where you’ll need the helmet on for long periods of time. So it is therefore important to make sure the helmet you choose is very comfortable. Getting a headache partway through your journey will be a distraction you don’t need on the road.


  • 3. Try it On! – Even if you plan to purchase online, make sure to go to a store at some point beforehand and try on the helmet you want to get. You have to make absolute certain it is comfortable and fits properly.


  • 4. Is it Competitively Priced? – Some manufacturers will try and get away with charging more than the market value for a product. Look for brands which have competitive pricing instead to get the best value for your money. Sometimes you can find some great cheap motorcycle helmet comparing the expensive ones.


  • 5. Is the Helmet Suitable? – Think about the type of biking you will be doing, as you’ll need a different helmet for commuting then you would for sports.


  • 6. Who is it Built For? – There are differences in helmets created for different genders. This is because head shapes can vary slightly, so to make sure of your comfort and safety, you need a helmet which is made for your gender.


  • 7. Do You Love it? – Lastly, is the helmet one that you are certain you are happy with? If this is the case and you can afford it and it fits the job you need it for, then you have found the safety motorcycle helmet for you.


Different Kinds of Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

A rider will choose the type of helmet depending on certain things such as the weather conditions and type of bike they are riding. Plus, they need to think about whether or not it is being used for sport, and what kind of sport. The helmet motorcycle are made differently than helmets for racing would be.

Read the list of the various types of helmets before you buy safety motorcycle helmet for riding:


Modular Helmet

Most Popular and most used helmet that actually People like to use.Also known as the flip up since the front section can be pivoted upwards, it resembles a full face design with closed.

Open Face Helmet

A helmet that covers your head but doesn’t have a chin bar or any protection for your face. You can wear goggles to protect from debris, and you can also get a face shield to attach onto this helmet.

Half Helmet

This helmet gives you very minimal protection during a crash and is only recommend when you are traveling short distances. Debris and dust can affect you, even when you add goggles.

Full Face Helmet

Gives you the best coverage for your face and head. The face shield on it protects you from insects and debris that could break your concentration. Plus, it prevents injury to your head and face during a crash.


Features Of A Safety Motorcycle Helmet

Safety is the number one priority for anyone. In everything we do, we always think about our protection because that is the natural thing to do. We value our life and the lives of our family thus safety must be exercise at all times. In fact, human beings love to live so much they spend countless money just to extend their lives but sadly the fountain of youth is still unreachable, for now. Companies realize our need to value life so they invented things to protect us from accidents.

With so many things that companies invented, safety motorcycle helmets are one of those protective gears that we still use until today. Motorcycle is one daring piece of equipment but it can also be dangerous so it is a must for motorcycle drivers to wear their helmets. However, you can’t just buy a motorcycle helmets without any knowledge of the basic stuff. After all, we are talking about your safety here.

You need to know the basic features of a safety motorcycle helmet to make your money worth it. Here are some of the things that you should know.


  • 1. Buy motorcycle helmets that passed the standard of organizations that promote safety such as the Department of Transportation in United States. The main purpose of a safety motorcycle helmet is to protect the driver during accidents by lessening major injuries that could occur in the head or in the neck. Injuries in these areas can result instantly to death so it is important to protect these areas. You need to keep in mind that the motorcycle helmet that you will buy will help you protect your life.


  • 2. Check the materials used in the motorcycle helmet that you are planning to buy. It is important that you are confident in the gear that you are going to buy to make your money worth it and your life in safety.


  • 3. Try to wear the helmet and make sure that it fits your head well. A good motorcycle helmet fits snugly on your head and the strap would not easily come off especially during accidents. There are different sizes of motorcycle helmets to accommodate different sizes of heads so find a one that fits your head perfectly.


  • 4. Try to wear the motorcycle helmet to know if that is the helmet that you are looking for. There are motorcycle helmets that will make you feel uncomfortable or the design does not allow you to give the range of vision that you need when you drive. Being meticulous in buying stuff will help you in the long run.


  • 5. Decide if you want to make your helmet to be customized. Motorcycle shops offer services such as customizing your helmet which can add joy to your riding experience. Aside from the protection it gives, motorcycle helmets can also make you a head-turner on the road.


Choosing the right motorcycle helmet for you is vital because this gear will help you in the future. Be meticulous in buying your safety motorcycle helmet because safety should be your number one priority.


Why Safety Motorcycle Helmet is important

Almost 3,000 bikers are wiped out every year in accidents, with mind injuries as being a major reason for dying. Safety headgear effectively prevent mind injuries to some large degree. They’re essential for those bikers.

Headgear have differing types, dimensions, colors, and fashions. They might be full-face or open-face, but need to comply with certain standards set by Us dot rules. Headgear which satisfy the Us dot Rules will often have a Us dot approval sticker at the rear of the helmet.

Producers of headgear will also be needed under Federal Automobile Safety Standard to label their headgear with relevant information for example manufacturer’s title, model, size, year of manufacture, and construction materials, amongst other things. Another certification or approval for those motorcycle headgear is supplied through the Snell Memorial Foundation. Unlike Us dot, it’s optional and never mandatory.

Aside from such rules, you will find motorcycle helmet laws and regulations, monitoring using headgear by bikers. Today, 20 states and also the District of Columbia make helmet putting on mandatory for bikers you will find four free states without any helmet laws and regulations whatsoever.

Some brands that are particularly well-liked by bikers include HJC Headgear, Shoei Motorcycle Headgear, Nolan Headgear, Bell Headgear, RBC Headgear, and THH Headgear. Features present in headgear can include ventilation systems, anti-fog system, comfortable interior, scratch-resistant face shield, along with other things.

Companies which offer Us dot-approved, top quality motorcycle headgear are Iron Equine Headgear, Headgear Etc, Corporation, Ride Gear, Biker Needs, and much more. Personalization choices are also supplied by some companies, which let us have particular designs, cartoons, graphics, along with other pictures on headgear.

Headgear are essential safety gear for those bikers. What causes slip and fall accidents might be numerous, but the reply to prevent serious injuries still remains using motorcycle headgear and defensive driving techniques

‘If you have a $50 mind, then obtain a $50 lid!’

This is the advice I had been given before purchasing my first motorcycle lid. It is the best purchasing advice I have ever endured too! Selecting a motorbike lid is, ultimately, an individual choice but it is pretty apparent that you simply generally get that which you purchase.

You will find various kinds, which get their talents and weak points. Here’s a listing from the individuals available:

Full face covers – supply the most protection of all of the helmet types plus they encase the rider’s entire mind. You might find some (the cheaper ones) missing in comfort and freedom.

Hybrid or Switch-up face covers will give you more visibility but, as, when the ‘flip’ is ‘up’ it does not encase the whole mind, the face remains vulnerable.

Open face covers also called a 3 quarter motorcycle headgear shield you for that skull, ears and also the side from the face. This kind of helmet doesn’t have face protection whatsoever. Also you’d need extra eye protection because they could be uncovered towards the wind, grime, bugs etc.

Shorty headgear also called one half headgear provide no protection for that face or even the side from the face. Again, just like outdoors face type you’d need extra eye protection because they could be uncovered towards the wind, grime, bugs etc.


Motorcycle Lid Purchasing Tips

Put on motorcycle covers numerous occasions to identify possible ‘problem’ areas using the fit. Make use of a mirror to determine the way the helmet looks in your mind make certain the helmet rests just above your brow. Make certain the helmet rests tightly upon your temple, you should not have the ability to get the thumb between your helmet as well as your temple. Always determine if any red-colored marks are showing after you have removed the helmet.

Always make certain the motorcycle lid you purchase continues to be Snell licensed, or perhaps is a Us dot approved safety motorcycle helmet. Otherwise, your insurance policy might be affected – seek advice from your insurance provider relating to this.

Noisy headgear should prevent because they draw attention away from the driver and cause extra fatigue. Lower quality ventilation systems are chief reason for noisy in headgear. The greater aerodynamic the helmet and also the better the vents, the less noise you will see. Generally, cheaper headgear are noisy headgear.

Headgear that are fashioned making based on our very own specifications are classified as custom motorcycle headgear. Although differing types and types of motorcycle headgear are in the marketplace, we sometimes do need different things to match our very own wants. Hence, different companies exist that offer custom motorcycle headgear exactly the way you want.

100s of companies offer motorcycle headgear, but couple of companies offer personalization options. Some companies that are Motorcycle Headgear, McCall Colors, Garcia Custom Airbrush, Be Unique, Helmet Guy, Iron Equine Headgear, Helmet Store, and much more.

Airbrushing and painting remain the 2 primary ways that companies personalize our headgear. Normally, solid color headgear for example black or whitened receive to personalize. Varying from open face to full face motorcycle headgear, all kinds of motorcycle headgear could be personalized.

Rates for designing vary from one company to another. For fundamental graphic designs, the likes of TC Specialized Graphics charge a minimum of $300. Iron Equine Headgear imprints designs at the rear of any black helmet for $75 each. With prices beginning at $150, Be Unique provides all kinds of custom airbrushing.

Garcia Custom Airbrush offers various kinds of designs, varying from very minimum artwork to elaborate and detailed work like ‘flames’, ‘graphics’, ‘metal flake’, ‘ghost effects’, plus much more. With discount offers , EZ Air Forex provides high-quality, guaranteed personalized airbrushing.

Reduced custom colored headgear can be available at Biker Needs. You may either submit our very own designs, ideas, photos, sketches, or request them to produce a unique design for you personally. Motorcycle headgear are available in certain specific styles and designs. With the aid of designing options supplied by companies, we are able to get headgear personalized based on our wishes.


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