Full Face Motorcycle Helmets – 5 Best Helmet Reviews

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets – 5 Best Helmet Reviews

Quality helmets will always protect you from various nasties like bugs, wind and road noise and that is exactly what full face motorcycle helmets offer. Open face helmets fall short in these areas and you will have to purchase additional accessories like goggles or other protective eye wear to ensure maximum comfort. One of the allegations leveled against full face helmets is that they offer less visibility in comparison with open face helmets and with the introduction of highly advanced models, the problem of visibility has now been rectified. The comfort level of these types of helmets has always won great appreciation from a huge market segment of riders.

Since open face helmets leave your face exposed to the atmosphere it will result in the absorption of a number of types of impurities and most people say that their faces also become extremely cold with these types of helmets. Many manufacturing companies have come up with light weight models to counter the allegation that full face helmets invite stress on your neck and back because of their heaviness. In addition to this, you will not be able to get highly beneficial components like a visor or protective chin strap with open face helmets.

If you want a helmet made of hard shell of thermoplastic or fiber glass for reducing the force of a direct blow to the skull in a most effective manner you should opt for full face motorcycle helmets and you will also be able to enjoy an energy-absorbing foam liner to dissipate deceleration forces with these types of helmets. Because of these things, more and more people are getting attracted to full face motorcycle helmets.

Top Five full face motorcycle helmets review

1. Hawk H-6607 Glossy Black Dual-Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Advanced Hawk Gloss Black Dual Visor Full Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet is a flip up motorcycle helmet. Packed with features which make it compete with the top helmets in the industry, this helmet comes at a wallet-friendly price, however, its quality and features make it equivalent to helmets that costs triple its price, while meeting the DOT standards and regulations.

It is a very sophisticated and comfortable helmet as it has inner padding to comfort your face, so it doesn’t do as most helmets do, squeeze your head, which can cause people to faint. And it comes with two sizes, medium and Large.

Sold and shipped by LeatherUp, as for the manufacturer it is Hawk Helmets, a very well reputed company that produces everything related to biking, jackets, helmets and others.

Key Feature List

  •  A modern cool design.
  • Great Ventilation system.
  • Comes with a dual visor.
  • High durability outer shell.
  • Light weighted as it weighs 6 pounds.
  • A detachable front part.
  • Anti scratch outer visor.
  • Inner comfort padding.
  • DOT rated
  • Easy replaceable cheek pads.
  • A Drop Release sun visor.
  • CAPA Certified.
Who is it for?

For those on a tight budget, and wanting to buy a high quality helmet, no need to pay more than a hundred dollars, which is a very cheap price for such an awesome helmet. That makes the helmet the best choice for young bikers who are on a budget.

Pros and Cons

The price has to be its most attractive advantage, as most young bikers don’t have a lot of money to spare, which was my case, and I had to look for a helmet that combined class, looks, safety and could fit into my budget, so the helmet was my saviour, costing only $107.95 after the discount, it’s the most wallet-friendly helmet there is, with quality to compete with other high end, expensive helmets.

Its aerodynamic design of its visor is great, both modern and smart. And Advanced Hawk Helmet comes with a very easy switch on its left side to drop or lift the visor if the sun is hurting your eyes.

My only take on the helmet that it only has two sizes, medium and large, which can put you in quite a predicament if medium, is too small, and large is too big. Other than that, this helmet is very cost effective, safe (DOT Certified) and has an awesome new black design.

Why You Should Buy It?

You will not find any other helmet with this level of quality and safety and comfort with this price, a lot of people pay 3 times this price for the same quality helmet. Make the smarter choice and save your cash and get the same quality you want.


Combine its price along with its quality and features; it will turn out to be an economical and smart choice. This great helmet is definitely worth buying.

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2. Shoei Multitec Flip-Up Motorcycle Full-Face-Helmet Review

Shoei multitec flip up full face helmet

Anyone who owns a motor bike knows that safety comes first. Helmets play a vital role in the overall safety of the rider. A good helmet, will offer full protection while a bad helmet will do little in terms of protecting one’s head in case of an accident. Shoei Multitec Flip-Up Motorcycle Full-Face-Helmet combines the convenience of a modular helmet with the aero-dynamics and safety of a full-face helmet. This magnificent helmet makes it very easy at when ridding in low speed areas, crossing borders and at the ferries.

The features that have most people talking are the eyeglass channel that enables the helmet to fit snugly and an excellent wide vision from anti-flog lip and visor above the nose’s tip. This modular design permits the rider to carry out tasks that would ordinarily require the dullness of a full-face helmet removal. No doubt, it is a tedious job pulling out gloves, pulling out the helmet and removing the earplugs. With this helmet all that is unnecessary.

Key Feature List

  • Sculpted bag-model aero-dynamic fiberglass shell
  • Designed to keep wind, noise and drag to the minimal
  • A highly developed integrated matrix plus shell
  • Face shield and flip-up chin bar, which make it comfortable and easier to wear your glasses or communicate with one’s helmet
  • A single-button release that allows you to pen the face shield and chin bar with one hand
  • A locking mechanism that is central and can be opened easily using one hand
  • Adjustable ventilation that is flow-through
  • Upper air scoop that improve aero-dynamics and make sure there is maximum intake of air
  • A lower vent that turns the direction of airflow upwards across the face shield in order to reduce turbulence and fogging
  • Chinstrap cover and interior cheek pads that are removable
  • Compatibility with communication systems
  • Anti-fog system
  • Quick release base plate that eliminates covers for a flash and permits tool-less removal of the shield
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Base plates that are adjustable to ensure airtight fit
  • A hundred percent protection from UV rays
Who Is It For?

This helmet is especially suitable for motorcyclist who takes part in races or motorcycle stunts due to its high end safety features. The Shoei Multitec Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet comes in very attractive designs particularly the matte black color scheme. It is rounder and wider than many helmets, in order to increase the aero-dynamics. It fits the head perfectly and snug at the cheeks.

Pros and Cons

This is the most comfortable helmet anyone can ever use. It feels great right from the first time you wear it. This helmet is very usable it in all types of weather and allows you to go at high speed no matter the state of climate.  It feels good to ride at any level with the visor opened. This is so much easier to remove the helmet using the quick release button.

It is quite expensive and not everyone can afford. It requires more care than other helmets, and this can be a challenge at times.

Why You Should Buy It?

It is among the best high-end helmets for motorcycles. It is known for its comfortable fit and high quality lightweight material. The manufacturing of all Shoei helmets takes place in Japan.


The Shoei Multitec Flip-Up Pearl Gray Metallic Motorcycle Full-Face-Helmet is a top of the line helmet that anyone can ever purchase. It has numerous great features that give it the advantage over most helmets.

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3. Shoei Rf1100 Light Silver-Full Face Helmet

Shoei RF 1100 full face helmet

The Shoei Rf1100 Light Silver full face helmet has the best features that could ever be incorporated into a helmet design in a long time. It is light as a feather while not compromising its comfortable features. Manufactured by Shoei, a company that has been manufacturing helmets since 1959 in Tokyo, Japan, the helmet has incorporated a vastness of experience into its making.

This best motorcycle helmet is quiet and comfortable, that one can be able to hear ambient road noise while listening to music at low levels. The case of wind flap and buzzing is long gone. The aerodynamics of the helmet are so efficient and effective that one can say the technology is beyond any other in this price range. Riding in soaring temperatures is no longer an issue, as the ventilation system is so good with the liner soaking up any sweat. The helmet strong points include the knowledge that it comes with the Snell 2010 rating, hence observing safety first. The Snell rating is significant, since the foundation has independently tested manufactures’ helmets for safety standards since 1959. The design comes with a wider strap system, helping in easy securing of the strap and tightening.

Key Features List

It comes with a number of features. Some of the main ones include:

  • It comes with a 5 Year Warranty
  • Standards  approve for safety first: Snell-M2010, DOT
  • Its construction incorporates the Advanced Integrated Matrix, i.e. a combination of the Fiber reinforced plastic, the compound structure and a specially modified resin for the outer shell
  • A light weight of approximately 3.54 lbs or 1604 grams
  • Compatible with Pin lock Shield and Anti-Fog
Who is it for?

It is all about comfort and safety and so it is best suited for anyone who worries about visibility, extreme temperatures in the helmet, distracting noise, especially wind-buzz at high speeds, and the safety cautious, due to the high technology invested in the AIM plus Multi fiber construction of the helmet. It is also very convenient for people who wear glasses. This is because it has two built in channels, helping one to easily slide in the glasses over the ears.

Pros and Cons

The helmet has a wider field of view, and the ventilation is great. The ear pockets allow a close fit for better safety while relieving pressure off of the ears.

However, when purchasing the helmet, its visor should be adjusted by the dealer to completely get rid of wind noise. The lining gets stuck with Velcro especially if one outs their gloves in the helmet.

Why You Should Buy It?

It is the best in terms of safety due to the technology in its construction. Comfort has been emphasized, and it is lightweight and has a very wide FOV. It is all that one could ask for in a helmet.


This great helmet is very affordable; its aerodynamic design and safety features make it worth your purchase. Compared to the other helmets in the same price range, this helmet is unquestionably worth the investment.

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4. Nolan N103 Platinum NCOM 2XL Motorcycle Full face Helmet

Nolan N103 N-Com full face helmet

The Nolan N103 Platinum NCOM 2XL Motorcycle Full face Helmet is a revolutionary helmet that is a product of the Nolan Group, which has been manufacturing helmets since 1972, and more recently designed a dedicated communication system for its helmets, the N-Com. The helmet is designed to be ready for the N-Com system of communication. The helmet also comes with a VPS System, which is a small dark shield, mounted on the interior of the cover, and moving separately from the shield.

Key Features List

  • It comes Ready for the N-COM system of communication
  • The stainless steel Pivoting chin bar with a latching mechanism and original articulated hinges, also comes with a system that consist of intertwining latches on both sides of the chain bar is available
  • Pulling the tab at the lower part of the chain bar, and then squeezing it, is an added safety measure
  • It comes with a washable Clima-Comfort interior on snaps, together with advanced wind-noise lessening qualities
  • Removable cheek pads that come in 5 different sizes for them to fit, and has a noise lessening foam filler
  • Very effective JSW top VNET that has an exhaust grid and chain bar vents all maneuvered by the glove responsive rubber slides
  • An optically protective, push-button and quick-change in the shield that offers Ultra Violet 400 protection
  • Multi-position and a shield that does not cause scratching and accepts NFR anti fog
  • Micro lock preservation system
Who is it for?

It is best suited for competitive riders who are professionals. The features incorporated in the helmet may help the riders in communicating with his/her teammates in high-speed situations.

Pros and Cons

The helmet is very thick and it provides proper eye protection during use. It embraces the technology of aerodynamics by constructing the helmet with an aerodynamic polycarbonate casing that has an in built spoiler for better stability. It also has communicative pivoting chin bar with a stainless steel, a safety double action Centromatic release system, fully removable and washable liner on the straps with a bigger neck roll to reduce the wind noise. For a close fit, the helmet has removable cheek pads available in different sizes for a custom fit.

The helmet incorporates high technology to safeguard the safety of the rider. The UV 400 protection, the NFR anti fog inserts, the release system has dual-action and is centromatic to make it a safe and efficient.  The fact that most of these features will go unused if used by a regular rider goes to say that it is not meant for the masses.

Why You Should Buy It?

The safety of your life is much better in the hands of such a helmet that any other, not to mention the hygienic concerns they have addressed.


This great helmet is a product worth trying since the price is reasonable for a whole lot of technology in exchange for technology, and useful technology to be precise.

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5. HJC CL-MAX Clmax Flip-Up 2 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet 


The HJC CL-MAX Clmax Flip-Up 2 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is manufactured by HJC, a company that seeks to employ the latest technology by constantly improving on their products to ensure safety. The helmet meets the Department of Transport (D.O.T) standards.

The helmet features an advanced polycarbonate composite shell. The product is popular with buyers because it offers an advanced channeling ventilation and fog resistant system. The face- shield release opens with one hand;

Key Feature List

It offers a 95% UV protection. Furthermore, it features full front-to-back ventilation that helps in flushing out heat & humidity from the interior. Meanwhile, the single- button chin-bar can be opened using a single gloved hand. Furthermore, the helmet features clear Pinlock® insert to facilitate the ultimate fog resistance.

The helmet is available for sale in major retail outlets including Amazon where it is retailing for between $104.99 and $144.99. The lower price is available for select options.

  • Polycarbonate composite shell and Adjustable polycarbonate chin-bar
  • Face shield release/ Single button chin-bar
  • Advanced channeling ventilation (ACS system)
  • Full front-to-back airflow to flush heat/ humidity out
  • Bioceramic Nylex® anti- bacterial interior
  • Removable/ washable interior
  • Shield replacement system (Quickslide™)
  • Bluetooth® connectivity (Bluetooth sold separately)
  • Clear PinLock® Insert to facilitate the Fog-resistant system
  • Weight: 6 pound
Who is it for?

It is ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts and professionals. It is a reliable product, ideal all weather and long drives. Furthermore, the helmet is recommended for persons new to riding, who may need to protect their jaw and chin.

Pros and Cons

It has been designed to cater for comfort, durability, visibility, venting and wind noise. The helmets have been manufactured to accommodate different head shapes. The removable interior makes washing easy. Furthermore, the helmet features a Bluetooth® connectivity that allows users to connect to other devices without the need for wire connections. The helmet features a Bioceramic Nylex® anti- bacterial moisture wicking that generates comfort to the wearer.

The helmet features a Quickslide™ shield replacement that offers a quick and secure tool-less installation and removal of the HJ-17 shield. Moreover, it is offers a superior face shield that offers 95% UV protection. Moreover, the advanced CAD technology helps to provide a superior and comfortable fit. The helmet is ideal for big jobs. The advanced channeling ventilation offers a comfort required for a long drive. Furthermore, the clear PinLock® Insert offers an effective fog resistant system

The helmet meets only the Department of Transport (D.O.T) standards. Furthermore, the weight of 6 pounds can prove problematic to some riders.

Why You Should Buy It?

The helmet is approved by DOT. The helmet offers comfort, resistance to wind and noise, making it possible for riders to get away from buffeting. The helmet’s padding and ventilation makes the helmet comfortable while offering advanced protection against possible face and head injuries. Therefore, the helmet is recommend for long rides.


The HJC CL-MAX Clmax Flip-Up 2 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet features a well balanced design.  Furthermore, the anti- scratch coating offers a protective finish that is resistant to paint scratches. Meanwhile, the QuickSlide™ shield replacement allows for a quick and secure tool- less removal/ installation of the HJ-17 shield. In addition, the helmet features a clear PinLock® that offers visibility and thus eliminates the challenges experienced during foggy weather.

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Full Face Motorcycle Helmets – Why Choose Them?

Why do you want to wear a motorcycle helmet? Safety of the rider should be the most important thing to be considered while choosing a helmet and the comfort level should be given the due attention it deserves as well. Generally, motorcycle helmets available in the market can be classified into two categories and they include full face motorcycle helmets and open face helmets. Most people are of the opinion that full face helmets offer tremendous advantages in comparison with open face helmets. What makes them say like that? It is always advisable to conduct a comparison study between these two types of helmets before coming to a conclusion about the best helmet available.

Which type offers maximum security for the rider? More protective cover can always be associated with full face helmets because they cover your whole head including your jaw area. You will achieve this level of cover to your face with open face helmets, as a major portion of your face will be exposed to the open atmosphere. What does that indicate to you? You will always stand a high chance of get injury due to crashes and most types of accidents. Numerous studies over time have clearly shown that the death rate of riders involved in motorcycle accidents has always been higher with open face helmets and this aspect alone makes full face helmets truly superior.


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