Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

When it comes to motorcycle gear, the most important gear is your helmet. We all know that helmet protect our head from injuries. But most of motorcycle riders don’t consider about helmet ventilation. The best ventilated motorcycle helmet affects the quality of our rider in many different ways. There are mainly three reasons for that you need best ventilated motorcycle helmet.

The most important reason is fell comfort. When you ride in summer day and hot weather it will be very difficult to wear helmet without helmet ventilation system. Helmet ventilation system allows airflow around the rider head and makes him comfortable. It also helps the riders head cool for long journey and stay comfortable even in hot weather.

In foggy season, the visor of the helmet becomes foggy and looks like shadowy which can lead serious accident. The proper ventilation system reduces the fog effect that makes riding tension free.

When riding in the summer day or hottest weather, we become sweaty. The sweat blurs our helmet visor that’s very dangerous.  Ventilation system protect helmet visor from become sweaty and make your ride comfortable.

Five best ventilated motorcycle helmet list.

  1. Klim F3 Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet
  2. HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  3. Fox Racing V1 Matte Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet
  4. HJC Helmets Unisex-Adult FG-MX Helmet
  5. Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet



1. Klim F3 Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Klim F3 ventilated motorcycle helmet

Klim F3 is a great riding partner for off-riding. The manufacture uses composite shell construction to make klim F3 strong and lightweight. The composite shell construction is advanced comfort liner system which ensures the ventilation is effective. The manufacture designer has designed the helmet to reduce neck fatigue.

Klim F3 is strong and perfect for off-road riding. The manufacturer uses Mapped composite base material in perfect spots to reduce helmet weight. It builds with thirteen intake vents combine with six exhaust ports. It comes with the latest custom EPS and internal liner systems to secure the rider’s head properly. For a great fit The custom EPS, 3D Ergonomic cheek pads and liner foam are optimized properly.

Starting fresh Klim engineered the f3 helmet to pack a lot of features for a great price. The F3 helmet features intelligent ventilation with the goal of 19 vents 13 intake vents 6 exhaust vents. There is three EPS sizes and three shell sizes to help dial that fit in customize, that fit in that does come with interchangeable cheek pads and comfort liners, to customize that fit to your head. It is dual homologated, so it is a very high quality helmet that does exceed these DOT Certified and FMVSS 218 Standards. It has the clime quality and that it would protect you and you are off an accident.


  • The custom EPS, 3D Ergonomic and liner foam .
  • It’s very lightweight


  • Expensive

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2. HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC IS-MX modular helmet

HJC is one of the most popular helmet in today’s market. The HJC helmet comes with removable and washable liner anti-bacterial liner and cheek pads to keep your head moist free and provide extra security. The manufacture uses advanced channeling ventilation to move more air into the helmet. It builds with advanced polycarbonate composite shell with adjustable polycarbonate chinbar that makes it lightweight. The advanced CAD technology make it superior fit and comfortable. The optical superior pinlock faceshield (HJ-17) provides 95% U.V protection.

It has Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS) for full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out.

The HJC IS-MAX II has a flip down internal visor. No need to stop and take off the sunglass or switch out visors, if you crest a hill and the sun is in your eyes it’s super easy to just flip the internal SunShield down to protect my peepers.

It comes with 9 different sizes and 6 different colors including black, silver, white, wine, Anthracite and matte black. So you have plenty of option to choose the perfect size for you and the best color you like.

For security warning it’s DOT Certified.


  • Flip down internal SunShield
  • Build in sun visor
  • Inexpensive


  • Helmet looks kind of big

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3. Fox Racing V1 Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Fox Racing V1 off-road motorcycle helmet

The Fox Racing V1 Matte Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet is a perfect choice for two special reasons. First reason is its build with lightweight injection molded polycarbonate and ABS shell construction. It makes the large sizes is only 1.9 pound. Another reason is it features with the exclusive magnetic visor release technology (MVRS). This feature removes the 3 visor screews and replaces them with magnets to allow the visor to release from the helmet.

Fox V1 helmet features comfortable cheek pads and dri-lex liner for enhance rider’s comfort. The cheek pads and liner are removable and washable. Therefore if any crash happens, its MIPS(Multi-directional Impacts Protection System) will allow the head to slide from its point from impacts. So it ensures you extra security.

There are 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents for airflow to make your head cool even in hot weather. In the summer or hottest temperature, the air will bring cooling effect to reduce sweating. Also the helmet will keep your head warm during the cold weather that makes it best ventilated motorcycle helmet.

It comes with 6 different sizes and 3 different colors including white, stone and matte black. So you have the option to choose perfect size and favorite color.


  • It features magnetic visor release technology
  • 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents for airflow
  • It comes with very long chin bar


  • Its noisy

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4. HJC Helmets Unisex-Adult FG-MX Helmet

HJC Helmets Unisex-Adult FG-MX Helmet

HJC Helmet is considering as the king of beginner level racing helmet. It is a great quality and not comparable within the same price range helmet. HJC Helmet comes with different sizes but the price is same for all sizes.

The uses of advanced Fiberglass Composite Shell make it lightweight; the large size is around 3.5 pounds. The advanced CAD technology makes it perfect fit and comfortable. It comes with Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS) that allows full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out. So, you can consider HJC helmet as best ventilated motorcycle helmet. It also has aerodynamic rear spoiler Large Eye Port that provides maximum visibility and superior goggle fit.

Fully removable and washable cheek pads and liner ensures you moisture-wicking and Odor-free Advanced Silver Anti-Bacterial Fabric. All cheek pad sizes are interchangeable.

HJC Helmet is customizable. If you are a customization enthusiast, you have the chances of making something cool.

This helmet can use for street-touring motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, street-cruiser motorcycle, off-road motorcycle, street-motor-scooters, snowmobile, street-spot motorcycle, utility vehicle and so others. One helmet can use in different ridding.


  • Simply it is a solid helmet
  • It can use in different riding
  • Customizable


  • No advance technology

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5. Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet

Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet

Fly Racing worked hard to ensure every feature stand outs. The helmet features 6 energy cells situated between the padding liner and the EPS. They are builds with active strain-rate sensitive materials that absorb more energy and hardly transfer it to other places.

Fly Racing uses 12,000 carbon filaments for to make the helmet shell very strong. It is lighter than the 3000 carbon which has some manufacture uses. Fly Racing is very lightweight; which only weights 2.92 pounds.

The Multi-port air induction cooling system includes 10 intakes and 4 exhaust vents that create ultimate airflow to keep your head cool from hot temperature.

It has dual-density EPS liner; that has two layers of EPS, one softer along with one slightly harder, that combine to provide more progressive impact absorption for different level of impact.

Three shell and four EPS sizes liner for provides perfect fit. It is DOT certified for safety.

Fly Racing comes with 3 different sizes and 6 different color combination. The graphic of the colors are really cool and attractive. That will obviously catch your attention.


  • Fits comfortably
  • It looks great
  • Price is affordable


  • Highlights are limited

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How to choose the best ventilated motorcycle helmet

If you don’t understand the features of helmet, you are likely to avoid the quality one, particularly if they are expensive. For purchasing a helmet most people looks on the style and class but those two are not important. Purchase by considering the type of helmet you want to get. Manufacture offers best ventilated motorcycle helmet in various design and unique features. Here are some features to consider when you purchase.

There are few things to consider when you looking for a best ventilated motorcycle helmet. The first important thing to make sure that the helmet designers actually considered ventilation system when they made the helmet. If there are some ventilation it makes better for users.

Another important consideration to look that the vents are removable or not. When it gets very cold you can close the vents and conserve as much heat as you need. This will makes you happy and comfortable to ride.

When it comes to ventilation most vents are not important better. It is more important that the vents are in proper place. It’s considered that the vents on the top of the helmet are most effective. Also there should be vents on the chin area to protect fogging. For interior air leave back of the neck are the perfect places to have vents. Also you need in-vents and out-vents.


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