Best Toddler Helmet To Buy in 2020

Best Toddler Helmet To Buy in 2020

A helmet is first thing that needs a rider for head protection from injuries. Since not wearing a helmet makes you child likely to be involved in serious injuries, the best toddler helmet is absolutely must for even for your youngest kid.

There are so many benefits to children of wearing a helmet. It not only make your child more confidence but also it keep their head safety. So the habit of wearing helmet literally saves your kids life. There are plenty of comfortable, cute, quality and affordable options to choose. So it will be really hard to find the best toddler helmet in the market. We research on the market and make a list of five best toddler helmets. You can easily find the best one from bellow list.


1. Nutcase Baby Nutty

nutcase toddler helmet

When you looking for buying best toddler helmet the first two things should be consider for baby are safety and comfort. Nutcasee Baby Nutty toddler helmet ensure you about those features. It comes with Fidlock magnetic no-pinch design that means you don’t have to worry about pinching your kids head. Nutcase also has easy-on fit system. The lightweight design offers 11 air venting system in front, top and back to keep kids little head cool even on hottest weather. It also has additional set of pads for kids perfect fit in head and make comfortable.

The Nutcase brand comes with XXS sizes (47cm-50cm) to support adjustable measurement and best fit for your little kid. Adjustment are build with pads and elastic bands to ensure you perfect fit for kid heads. Nutcasee Baby Nutty helmet is certified by CPSC for children of 12-36 months .

This helmet comes in different patterns. Like Power Pink for girls, Go Green Go for boys, black and white paint for the babies who loves animal. So you can get the right pattern according to your baby’s love. And it’s very simple and 280g weight.


  • 11 air vents
  • CPSC certificate for uses
  • Different pattern


  • Limited sizes that only 47-50cm


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2. Giro Scamp MIPS Bike helmet

Giro Toddler helmet

Helmets are like shoes that kids don’t want to wear. The one they want to wear that’s are not fit for them and get one that properly fits is hard to find. As a result, parents are getting worried about their safety without wearing helmet. Luckily Giro produces helmet to improve their safety, fit and functional of kid’s helmet.

It comes with 6 different colors combination and design is really awesome. I believed that you kids will like it very much and will interested to wear it. There are two different sizes – xtra-small and small are available as well, so you can choose the perfect match for you.  The extra-small size fits heads 45 to 49 cm and small size is 49-53 cm. This wide range of size ensures children can use this helmet in variety of age and head sizes.

The MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology adds an additional layer of safety to kid’s helmet. The MIPS is a thin plastic shell inside the helmet which is connected to the helmet protective foam with flexible anchors. Also this helmet has the Roc Loc Jr. Fit system with pinch-guard buckle that provides an easy way to fit your kids helmet secure quickly.


  • MIPS technology
  • Pinch-guard buckle
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Thin strap is little loose


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3. Bell Rally Child Helmet

Bell Rally youth helmet

One of the most important point of this particular Bell Rally Child helmet is it comes with the features of fully adjustable. That’s most of helmet won’t do its job, so if you want get a helmet that fits secure easily then you can’t go wrong with this model.

It provides only one size for recommended 5-8 years children that fit for heads of 52-56 cm. Bell Rally promise to fit every time using one simple adjustment. It provides nice cooling design with 16 vents for ultimate airflow. So child will wear it even in hottest weather. This helmet has the unique tapeless and pinch-guard technology to ensure total pinch-free buckling under the chin.

Bell Rally is available in many different colors. And the color combinations are pretty cool and it looks exactly as picture. Kids will obviously like the design.

The visor area provides shade for eyes. When you are in summer season its useful. This is well made for kids and I would like consider it as the best toddler helmet.


  • True fit design
  • Pinch guard
  • Tapeless technology


  • Doesn’t provide warranty


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4. Joovy Noodle Helmet

joovy helmet

The Joovy Noodle helmet was designed specifically with the mind of youngest kids. It’s lightweight and easy for a toddler to wear with perfect fits. Joovy comes with many features that not found typically on typical budget helmet, this is well made and great fit for your child. It also features high-quality, sweet-wicking pads.

Joovy Noodle has two different sizes – small(47-52 cm) and medium(52-56 cm). Recommended for children 1-4 year ages with a head size between 18.5 – 20.5”.  It comes with 7 different colors including black, blue, blueberry, greenie, orangie, pink and red. So you can choose the best match color of your kids favorite color.

It has adjustable fit dial to perfect fit in kids head. To keep the helmet properly positioned on a child’s head Joovy Noodle comes with a chin strap pad. The Buckle on this helmet ensures parent for their kids safety as it dual-colored and much easier to spot.

It can use in ride bikes, trikes, ride-on cars, scooters, bike trailer and other activities similar these.

Joovy Nodle builds with a solid foam piece covered by a plastic shell that glued/taped properly in place. It is one of the best ventilated helmets on the market with 14 vents for airflow. There also a build-in visor for protecting kids little eyes from the sun.

For this price, features and quality it can consider as the best toddler helmet.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Dual-colored buckle
  • Lightweight helmet
  • Great quality for the price


  • Hardshell construction isn’t well over time

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5. Bell Sidetrack MIPS

Bell Sidetrack MIPS helmet

The Sidetrack helmet is durable, adjustable and full featured for the ultimate ride for kids. It’s available in Child and Youth sizes. Thanks to the visor in enduro style profile. The Bell Sidetrack is a kids helmet that looks at home on the mountain bike trails but works equally well on the school commute. It’s also safe like all bike helmets sold in the US.

The bell Sidetrack meets all CPSC certification requirements. It then goes a step further by offering MIPS technology, an extensive side and rear of the head coverage. The helmet is offered in both MIPS and non MIPS versions so you can decide on whether that is something that is important to you.

The visor on the Bell side track is removable but not adjustable like higher end mountain bike helmets. It does the job of keeping little eyes and faces shaded.

That  is pretty average as far as ventilation goes. It has a total of 10 vents and a decent airflow channel down the center of the helmet.

Bell Sidetrack looks cool, does a good job of staying snug and comes in a variety of fun colors and designs. And we believed that your kids will loves it and like to wear it in riding time.


  • Meets CPSC certification and MIPS technology
  • Visor is removable
  • 10 vents for airflow


  • Limited size is available


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How to select the best toddler helmet

Its very important to protect your toddler’s head by a helmet with much activity and features. There are many numbers of features that should to consider to select the the best toddler helmet. Bellow we listed what we thought to consider are most important.

Certificate  – Certificate isn’t a requirements for all countries. But if you are in the US, you need to choose one that’s have professional certificate. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commissions) certificate is very important to consider for toddler helmet for kids safety.

Size – If the helmet doesn’t fit properly, it can not protect your baby. Too big will not provide safety and tight will hurt your baby. So you should choose the perfect size as you have the option to choose from different sizes. And it should be according to your baby head size.

Weight – The lightweight helmet is always better. Young toddlers have weaker neck muscle so its very difficult to carry heavy helmet for them. With lightweight helmet kids fell comfortable and it makes their journey enjoyable.

Adjustibility – Adustibility is an another important feature for the best toddler helmet. Two babies can not came in same size. But if you have adjustable features on your helmet then it can uses for both of them.  Adjustable features on the back base support and the chin strap will ensure you to provide proper fit for different sizes.

MIPS – it is an advance technology adds an additional layer of safety to a helmet. All of toddler helmets doesn’t offer MIPS technology as it will little expensive. But it ensure parents about their kids safety. So you should consider about it if you want an additional layer of safety.

Ventilation – A good amount of ventilation will make your kids journey very comfortable even in summer days. Vent makes ultimate airflow to keep your kids head dry and cool. If helmet lacks ventilation system it will cause your kids head to overheat in riding time. That makes their journey uncomfortable and most likely to take the helmet off.


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