Best Mountain Bike Helmet Guide

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Guide

Find the best mountain bike helmet for your safety! No matter if you are a daily cyclist or you just go for a bicycle ride on occasion, if you crash with your mountain bike you will be glad about wearing a safe and protective helmet.

Most of people underestimate how dangerous it is to ride a bike because in most cases there won’t be an accident. But the statistic speaks differently: on average you will crash at least once in every driven 4500 miles. And even if you are going at low-speed, a fall on a bicycle trail or street can injure your brain. Your head is the most vulnerable part of your body when riding a bike – so it is crucial to always wear a safe, secure and suitable mountain bike helmet.

We all have our preference on what makes a good bicycle helmet and what might be the best mountain bike helmet over all, but if it comes to the bad event of a crash you want to make sure that you wear the absolute best mountain bike helmet possible! So we’re here to help you find the right product. Because wearing the right bike helmet can mean the difference between a Band-aid and a hospital stay.

There are so many different helmets available (different colors, brands, prices, …) that it can be very frustrating and disappointing to find the right helmet. Because of that our interactive chart of helmets below and the analysis that follows will help you decide what the best mountain bike helmet is for you.


Review Of The Top 10 Mountain Bike Helmets

In the following paragraphs we will shortly review the top 10 products listed in our comparison chart above. Like you will see these bicycle helmets are all from four different brand / makes: Giro, Schwinn, Fox and Bell. This is not because we are just focused on these brands during our tests and reviews, instead these manufactures produce high quality, have much experience in developing comfortable helmets with high safety standards.

Just read through the reviews and instead just going only after our opinion please also take a look at the customer reviews on Amazon to complement our recommendation and reviews.


1. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

The Schwinn Trasher Bicycle Helmet is a nice helmet for everyday rider or biker on occasion. It comes in discreet colors black and grey which fits to every biking outfit. This helmet is very popular and regarding all the features it has a very decent price.

Also, this helmet is the mountain bike helmet bestseller on – with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars, the majority of the buyers is very glad about their buying decision. With 21 integrated flow vents you will always keep a cool during you ride. The dual fit adjustable system will add ease and comfort. The built-in Visor offers increased shade while riding and will add to the safety of your forehead if you would crash.

All in all this helmet has the usual high quality of Schwinn biking products. You will notice this e.g. at the easy to adjust webbing which gives a comfortable fit and the moisture-wicking pads which will keep you dry.

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2. Giro Indicator Sport Bike Helmet

The Indicator Sport Bike Helmet from the popular U.S. manufacturer of helmets, sunglasses, goggles and soft goods for cycling named Giro is a great helmet with a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Nearly 500 customer reviews of happy buyers and an overall place in the adult helmets category ranking makes already makes clear how good this helmet is.

Giro always stands for good quality, fit and size. The Giro Indicator Helmet can be ordered in seven different colors and designs. Only to mention a few: Black Yellow Livestrong, Red/Black Icons and White/Silver Explosion. All of the colors look very good and will make you feel comfortable on all your rides. But this sport bike helmet can’t only impress with good design and quality – it also has a lot of features like a Acu Dial Fit System, 20 air vents for amazing ventilation which will keep your head cool. The snap-fit visor will protect you from sun if you want to. With the decent price – we can only recommend this helmet and wish you much fun while riding!

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3. Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

The Schwinn Intercept Adult Bicycle helmet is one of the cheapest helmets on the market and actually the cheapest one in our comparison. But low price doesn’t always equal bad quality and less features.

This helmet is a standard product from Schwinn and is mostly recommended for occasionally riders. With its dial fit adjustment system this helmet can be adjusted to a custom fit. 10 contoured cents care for enhanced air flow and a cool head. And like more expensive helmets it also comes with a snap on / off visor for sun protection. In case of look and design you have to make a compromise if you want to buy such a cheap helmet (under 20 $), because the Schwinn Intercept helmet is only available in one color – black and blue.

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4. Giro Transfer Sport Helmet

Similar to the Giro Indicator helmet the Giro Transfer Sport Helmet comes in 7 different color variations. It is a every day helmet which comes with features ideal for commuting, touring and cruising.

The helmet consists of a in-mold polycarbonate shell construction with EPS liner. The easy to adjust patented Acu Dial fit system allows you to adjust the helmet to your head size. But there are even more features: 20 vents and internal exhaust channels let the air flow like a wind tunnel ventilation system.

The new concept of Universal Fit helmets makes it easier to find the right helmet, because it just fits every head. Sunmming up, this helmet is really a nice product for recreational Road and Trail or Urban Biking!

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5. Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

The Savant Road Bike Helmet – another good and high quality product from Giro is a little bit pricier then the Giro helmets already mentioned. But in this case, the higher price means more features, less weighted more comfort.

Yellow, Blue, Black and White-Silver are just 4 out of 8 different available colors and designs. From this variety you will definitely find a helmet which meets your style. But if you would choose the Savant Road Bike Helmet just because of the design it would be a shame.

It offers so many features and comfort extras that are worth to choose the helmet because of them. The all new Roc Loc 5 Fit System makes sure that it has proper fit to every head size and form. 25 air vents give an amazing air ventilation which can’t be compared to the one’s of the cheaper helmets. Like the Giro Transfer and the Giro Savant the material of the helmet is in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner which counts for great safety. If you are a frequent rider – you should definitely take a closer look at this offer.

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6. Giro Rift Bike Helmet

The Giro Rift Helmet is a middle class helmet in the category of helmets under 50$. It comes in 6 different colors respectively designs, so that everybody will find a matching one.

As usual Giro ( delivers great quality and gave the Rift Helmet a lot of features on the way – it has a proven Acu Dial fit system which allows you in combination with the one size helmet to adjust the helmet exactly to your head size for proper fit. The helmet consists of a in-mold construction which has 25 built-in air vents which will keep you cool.

If you are on your way into the sun, the included snap-fit visor will protect your forehead and your eyes from sun. With Giro helmets normally not needed, but in case there may be a problem with your helmet you got a 1 year warranty.

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7. Fox Men’s Flux Helmet

The Fox Flux Helmet for men is a more specialized helmet for mountain bikers who want to ride “all mountain” or on the trail. This can bestly be seen on the deeper rear profile of the EPS shell, which offers more comprehensive coverage and more safety. This is indeed needed because riding trails is more dangerous then riding at the shore of a lake.

20 ventilations ports guarantee for an amazing airflow and the removable visor lets you decide whether you want to protect yourself from sun or not. The Fox helmet has high quality and is a upper class helmet. The higher price is justified in any case, but especially the many certifications (CPSC 1203, EN 1078: 1997, AS/NZS 2063: 2008 approved) show how much Fox cares about high quality helmets and about your safety.

Ten different designs and colors and the Rear Detox ratchet retention system for proper fit sum this product up the right way – for outdoor adventure bicyclist (trails / all mountain) this is the right choice!

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8. Giro Atmos Racing Bike Helmet

The Giro Atmos Racing Bike Helmet is like the name already reveals a high end helmet specialized for those who want to go really fast. The helmet has a very good processing and has clearly one of the highest qualities in the helmet industry.

There are twelve (12!) different designs you can choose from. The in-mold construction has 26 cooling vents which build up the wind tunnel ventilation system and make the helmet even lighter. The low-profile cares for a good look and for as low wind resistance as possible. According to manufacturer’s specification the 3-size Super Fit system fits 98 percent of world’s population and the helmet consist of a very stable construction (Roll-cage reinforcement adheres tough DuPont nylon web to EPS liner).

If you are a daily or you like to go fast on your rides, you should do yourself something good and go into the high-end range for your new helmet – and the Giro Atmos Racing Bike Helmet is probably the best example of a high-end and high-quality helmet.

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9. Bell XLV Bike Helmet

The Bell XLV Bike Helmet is a great mountain bike helmet from the popular U.S. helmet factory named Bell Sports. It comes in three different colors: Black, White and Silver / Titanium.

The helmet has a extra-generous fit for cyclists with larger heads. So, if you were struggling with other helmets before because of your head size you probably should give this Bell helmet a try. With both, the Cam-Lock strap and the ErgoDial Fit System you can adjust the helmet easily to your head size for proper fit. Specially designed ventilation channels bring in cool air in the front. The air will be passed through the helmet and cool your head until it flows out as warm air at the rear ports.

This helmet has the certifications CE EN1078 and applies to the CPSC Bicycle certifications. Bell knows how to build good and high quality helmets. If you have a larger head size this helmet with an amazing rating value of 4.7 stars will be the right choice for you!

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10. Giro Venti Bike Helmet

The Giro Venti Helmet comes in three different colors and can be used for nearly all purposes. The good price makes this helmet also affordable for the small purse and the occasionally rider. The two sizes – one size and extra large – and the fit system named “Acu Dial system” make sure that this helmet has a proper fit. The in-mold polycarbonate shell is more or less standard for Giro helmets.

Last but not least, 20 vents and a snap-fit visor are two other features completing this helmet and make it a good recommendation for the beginner or the advanced mountain bike rider.

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What Distinguishes a Good From A Bad Helmet

When looking for a new bike helmet you should look at some features the helmet of your choice should have. A good mountain bike helmet typically consists of a hard shell – the most important point for a good helmet is that it has proper fit and size for your head size.

Next, every helmet produced after 1999 should meet the U.S. Consumer Product’s Safety Commission (CPSC) benchmark safety standard. Good helmets also have other certifications like the one of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the Snell Foundation, which are widely regarded as the toughest in the mountain bike industry. Fulfilling standards and having certifications is the most importing point after proper size and fit.

Also good helmets are less heavy then bad helmets. Weight almost always listed in grams (28.34g = 1 oz.) is a big concern for frequent riders. For occasional cyclists it is not necessarily a must to have the lightest helmet on the market. Normally normally the rule applies that the price goes up, when the weight comes down.

On top of these properties mentioned before good helmets have more features in comfort, look and design. That means they have more air vents, nicer designs, snap-fit visors and a dial fit system.


How To Find A Helmet That Meets Your Needs

Just go on and think of the purpose of use of your new helmet (how often do you ride your bike?). With this use in mind and our thoughts on “a good mountain bike helmet” (proper fit, size, weight, color, air vents, visor, dial fit, …) think about what features and properties your new helmet definitely should have.

With this list and our interactive helmet comparison table you can browse different helmets by brand, price, weight and features and you will find the right helmet for sure!


Your Turn To Choose The Best Mountain Bike Helmet

Now that you’ve browsed through our bike helmet comparison table, have reviewed our top picks of the best mountain bike helmets it’s finally your turn to pick the helmet which meets your needs the most, is in your price range and also fits to your bicycle outfit in means of color and design.

As you know, helmet manufacturers create new helmets all the time and invent new technologies and materials for better look, performance and safety. For that reason our bike helmet comparison chart above will be updated as new helmets will be added to the list. If you like our comparison, please tell your friends about our mountain bike helmets guide and save out website for your next visit. If you feel, that we missed a superior helmet that needs to be included in the comparison just let me know in the comments below. I hope you can take advantage of our tips, comparisons and reviews and will find the right helmet out of the best mountain bike helmets on the market!


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