Best Kids Ski Helmet To Buy in 2020

Best Kids Ski Helmet To Buy in 2020

Skiing is a fun and exciting game for kids, but it’s dangerous too. Sometimes they got injury on head by slope or mountain if they are without protective gear. Therefore, you need to choose the best protective gear for their safety. When it comes to choose best skiing helmet, the primary thing should be consideration on safety.  So, you should pick the best safety helmet. But you should not like that you went the store and purchase a helmet without consideration or any research. And you thought that it is the best kids ski helmet.


How to choose Best Kids Ski Helmet

When you buy a ski or snowboard helmet for your kids three thing should be in mind is safety, fit and comfortable. Those things are important to purchase best kids ski helmet. Otherwise, you will make a mistake.

  • Safety is the primary first priority in snowboard and skiing. Ski or snowboard accidents can happen within a split of second, and it is very important to protect ourselves from injuries. About 20 percent of injuries in skiing are head injuries and it’s happen for their less consciousness. The most important thing is to wear a helmet before start skiing. According to NSAA – the percentage of wearing helmet has increased from 22% to 84% in the last 16 years for skiers. And absolutely it should be reached in 100% to avoid injuries.
  • When buying a ski helmet you should be careful that it is good size and fit for your kids. Because, if it doesn’t fit securely, it will not work perfectly. If you get big then there have a risk of having it slide over your kid’s eyes. Too tight will give you headache and reduce ability to enjoy your time in skiing. That will make your kid’s unhappy and not to wear their helmet at all.  So, you should be careful about good size of helmet.
  • After those two consideration comfort is must as well as good looking. If it will comfortable to wear then kids will like to wear in otherwise they might be uninterested on it. Also they like cool design. It should be attractive to them as they interested to use it.



Best Kids Ski Helmet – Top 5 List


  1. Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet
  2. Smith Optics Pivot Jr. Ski Helmet
  3. Giro Nine MIPS Snow Helmet
  4. Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Helmet
  5. Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet


Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet


The ABS and EPS construction make Lucky bums Snow Sport Helmet for perfect adjustable that makes best for sports. It meets EN 1077-CLASS B-CERTIFIED to ensure you best safety. Many organizations have certified this helmet as highly safety gear.

Snow Sport Helmet comes with many different colors including blue, matte black, metallic black, pink, red, silver and skull. You should not have any problem to choose a color that your kid loves. It also have different sizes to get perfect fit for your kids.

The inside of the helmet is a warm fleece fabric that keeps your head warm to fell you comfortable.

There is a vent system available on this helmet which allows maximum airflow.

This product provides lifetime warranty. That proved this product is highly durable and last for long time.

This is very inexpensive product. But It meets all of the requirements of conscious parents who looking for high quality and best kids ski helmet.



  • Inexpensive and adjustable.
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Highly durable and full functional
  • Perfect and comfortable fit


  • Draft , odd padding configuration


Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet is actually very nice and comfortable to use. Its fleece padded liner addition offers easily adjustable using the wheel at the back, so you can get perfect fit. Different colors enable to choose perfect one for you kids and sizes also available that makes no worry. You will obviously loves it simplicity, design, glossy finish that looks great.



Smith Optics Pivot Jr. Ski Helmet


Smith Optics is a popular company that’s well known in the world of helmet. Their Pivot Jr. Ski Helmet is another high quality helmet that every parents should consider for their kids I think.

It comes with many different color that’s allow you  to choose one that your kids like. You can choose from their Green, purple, black, white and pink color design.

It also comes with two different sizes of 51-55cm(small) and 55-59cm(medium), so you can choose perfect size for your kids.

For the design prospective its petty awesome and surely you kids will like it we believed. And with quality its highly recommended for its features.

  • Smith Optics Bombshell Plus construction covers maximum protection. Your kids little head will be nice and protect with Pivot Jr. Ski Helmet.
  • It comes with multi-impact EPP liner which adds additional safety for your kids.
  • It has 13 different vents for maximum airflow. So, their head will not be overheat, that makes your kids journey more enjoyable and ensure more comfort and consider best kids ski helmet.
  • This helmet is adjustable so it doesn’t slide over your kids eyes and ear.
  • Its very lightweight and easy to use. Also you can remove goggle lock that give you option to reduce weight. If you don’t like heavy helmet then its very useful for you.


  • Affordable price and easy to use
  • 13 different vents for airflow control.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • We don’t find.

Smith Optics helmet is very affordable in the market and it offers lifetime warranty. So, you no need to worry about its durability and long lasting. You pay for one time and can use lifetime. It will goes child to child that makes it one of the best value from others.


Giro Nine MIPS Snow Helmet


We previously describe that your first consideration of a helmet should be on safety. Nine MIPS Snow Helmet by Giro uses the MIPS(Multi-Directional Impact Protectional System) and meets CE EN1077 compliance  to ensure you safety. It give you extra peace of mind that your kids will be protected. When you choose a ski helmet you should be ensure about fully functional and super comfortable. Nine MIPS Snow helmet covers those of your demands. In addition, this helmet offer you little bit entertainment.

Nine MIPS has a wide range of colors that’s most of helmet didn’t offers. It has almost 14 different color and 7 different sizes that’s hard to find in other helmet. So from the think of safety and quality it will be your great choice as best kids ski helmet.



  • Wide range of colors and sizes
  • Excellent quality and comfortable
  • Uses MIPS


  • Slightly expensive


You can spend a lot more for buying a helmet but the level of safety and comfort features Nine MIPS helmet has make it an amazing value. The adjustability will allowed you to easily arrived at a snug, till comfortable fit. The venting can easily open and closed and it is great to help to moderate head transfer between head and outside. Also it has a fit system which allow you to fit it perfectly on your head according to your head. Moreover this helmet is super comfortable to use.




Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Helmet


The Triple eight Sweatsaver Liner Helmet is a classical Ski helmet for kids,youth, and adults. Its every expert skiers dream! This helmet comes with ABS outer shell and stink –free, also wicking Sweatsaver liner. They can stay protected as they have opportunity to customize their helmet as they want.

Sweatsaver Liner Helmet deals with many different sizes like – XS(51-52)cm, S(52-54), M(54-56), L(56-58), XL(58-61), XXL(60-62). So you can pick the perfect match for you.

Triple Eight provides 180 days limited warranty for their helmet. So you can easily use this products in this duration without worry.

Sweatsaver liner is comfortably snug and it feels Very well-padded. The pad are removable that makes it quick and easy to clean.



  • Customize option for fit
  • ABS outer shell for extra protection
  • Kids enjoy to wearing


  • 180 day limited warranty


As kids always like to keep fun stickers and drawing on their helmet, this helmet will take their creativity to the next level. There have a drawing marker and it can use to draw on the helmet and erase it easily. It is washable and reusable. Kids will love to draw here and happy to use it.

Finally, Its ideal for Skiing, Skateboarding , roller skating and roller derby and best kids ski helmet.




Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet


The U.S. Team deems trusted and considered it as safe. So, parents should have any argument to buying this gear I thought as they always looking for helmet that is safe their kids. Drift Ski helmet achieve trust by expert and many industry as safe. So I think, there’s nothing more to say. Drift ultra- plush interior liner provides maximum comfort.

Drift Ski helmet also has audio compatible ear-pads. It can be remove on warmer Ski days. It also has FTA (Fine Tune Adjustment) system to provides micro-adjustments for the perfect fit.

Drift Ski helmet comes with VNT technology that makes adjustable temperature control ventilation system. The Drift Ski helmet build with 13 fully adjustable vents that put you in control . Slide open to cool of and slide close to keep heat.


  • 13 fully adjustable vents
  • Audio earpads with FTA system
  • Trusted by expert


  • Doesn’t shipped with storage bag


The ergonomic fit features of this helmet makes super comfortable. It offers comfort, protection everything you aspected. This helmet made using advance manufacturing technology the outer PC shell is fused to the inner EPS foam creating an in-mind construction. It certified ASTM F2040 and EN1077 standards.


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