Bell Bicycle Helmets Review 2020

Bell Bicycle Helmets Review 2020

Everybody has an obsession of something. For some it is all about riding, in this case am talking about a bike or bicycle. Many people do ride everyday but do they consider their safety when on the road? Riding without your safety gear like helmets on the road can lead to serious accidents. People will tend to ignore having their helmets on when riding as they have the perception that they are kind of heavy and uncomfortable. All that is about to change as I introduce you to Bell bicycle helmets. Bell bicycle helmets without a doubt have been rated top by its users.

These Bell bicycle helmets come in two categories; we have Bell bike helmets and Bell cycle helmets. Ideally they do offer the same functions; to protect you against injuries and get you feeling comfortable while wearing them. There different types of Bell bicycle helmets in the market place. You do not have to worry on how to choose which you will pick. In this review I will provide you with the necessary information that will be handy in making your decision. Let’s talk about the first type of Bell bicycle helmet.

Top Bell Bicycle Helmets

  1. Bell Array Helmet
  2. Bell Citi Bike Helmet
  3. Bell Venture
  4. Bell Faction Helmet
  5. Bell solar helmet
  6. Bell Sweep
  7. Bell Drop Helmet

Lets check out Bell Bicycle Helmets details review.


1. Bell Array Helmet

Bell Array Helmet is something that any biker doesn’t want to pass up. The helmet style is not too exaggerated, has good ventilation and is full of features. It is very comfortable and light-weight which makes it the ideal wear. It can really reduce the burden if you’ll be putting this helmet on. The comfortable and soft padding of the Array feels like it’s floating on your head which gives you enough focus on the road ahead. Ventilation is well-established on this one because you can really feel the air flowing, giving you a feeling that a built-in fan is inside. It’s great for the winter because you can still put on a cotton cap, ear muffs, and cotton buff without feeling very hot especially with the helmet on.

With all the wonderful features this product has to offer, you might think that it can be costly but not at all. Its price is pretty convenient for anyone who wants to buy a helmet. You can guarantee that this helmet will not only fit you well but will give you a great price. Now that’s one thing a consumer would love to have. Let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages of this helmet.

Very light weight

Majority of the bike helmets are heavy which is why most bikers don’t like to wear them. The weight on the head can be really distracting and wearing it on a hot summer makes you want to take it off. This is the reason why helmets can barely be seen on the head of bikers. When it comes to the weight, this is not an issue with this helmet. Many users have made their Bell Array review and they find it really ideal and comfortable to wear. The construction of the Array Helmet is made of pure quality so there’s assurance that you will be safe in wearing it. You will definitely get the feeling that you’ve made a good decision when you wear the helmet for the first time on your ride. In fact, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it because it’s purely light weight.

Easily adjustable

What’s also great about this helmet is that it’s easily adjustable. Most bike helmets aren’t adjustable which make them very uncomfortable for the wearer especially if they’re not designed to the shape of their cranium. It can be finely tuned while you’re riding your bike. The adjustable feature can barely be seen on most bike helmets so this one will really stand out. The side contract grippers are well designed giving room for the sunglasses’ arms to fit. That way, you won’t need to clip the sunglasses’ arms in between your helmet and your head. The heat of the sun will no longer be a problem on your head with this feature because you can protect your eyes and be able to have good air circulating inside your helmet, giving you total comfort and coolness.

Other aspects

Many customers have also claimed that the Bell Array Helmet saved their lives on several crash accidents. The helmet may have cracked but it assured total protection on the wearer’s head. Now that’s one thing that you should look for in a helmet, otherwise the injury can be very threatening. Since the helmet was broken, your next step will be to buy a new one and that will cost you extra. What’s great about this product is that if you can give them the crash information, the company will give a discount for the replacement. That great offer is very good because you can still have the same helmet at an even cheaper price. Now that’s one way of assuring that customers will continue to trust the product and the brand above all.

There are some customers who find the weight inconsistent with its description because there were some Bell Array Helmets that surpassed several kilograms, thereby ticking the customers to return the product. Nevertheless, it’s still comfortable and much lighter than other helmets. So this wouldn’t be too big of an issue because the feature of the helmet is still very convenient.


So if you want total protection for your head, be sure to consider buying Bell Array Helmets. Not only can it guarantee your safety but they can also assure great customer service.

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2. Bell Citi Bike Helmet

Biking is fun and is ideal for all ages. With the fun and all, it can be dangerous when you get carried away too often. Biking can post some danger especially for the head. Hitting your head especially with a great impact is very critical and it can lead to worse case scenarios. So it’s important that you have a safety gear for your head like a helmet to keep yourself from getting injured. Bicycle helmets are required by the safety standard as a basic procedure when it comes to riding bikes. There are some people who neglect this procedure because they have too much confidence in themselves. We can never be too sure of what can happen to us in the road so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

For your biking needs, it’s always best to put your helmet on. If you’re looking for a good helmet, then we recommend that you buy Bell Citi Bike Helmet. It delivers a midrange feature at a base-model price. The helmet is made with a fusion in-mold microshell which involves the process of joining the microshell to the EPS foam layer. This process is more sturdy and solid than those that are taped together. For an easy one-hand adjustment, this model uses Bell’s ErgoDial fit system wherein the press of a button and a slide of the dial can adjust your helmet for comfortable stability.

The blade visor for the Bell Citi Helmets is removable when you don’t need it. The cam-lock levers make the adjusting of the straps around your ears easier. For a cooler feeling, it is designed with 16 channeled vents for a proper air flow in the front and around your head and getting warm air out of the rear ports at the same time. The Bell Citi Helmet is also designed with a Universal Adult size of 54-61 cm and weighs at 290 grams.

As a customer, you need to find a Bell Citi Review before buying one. It will help you make your decision if the product will do you good or not. To meet your standards, you must check its features first.


  • Built using the fusion of in-mold micro shell – Uses Ergo Dial fit system and cam-lock levers for easier adjustment – Has 16 channeled vents for keeping cool air in and flushing warm air out – Comes in adult sizes and weighs at 255 grams -Complies with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards for bicycle helmets
  • Aside from the features, there’s a need to also check its advantages and disadvantages. It’s one way of assuring that previous customers have no complaint or troubles with the product whatsoever. It’s also good especially when you don’t want your money to go to waste.


It’s a really great helmet for protection in biking. – The price is great and very affordable. – It is lightweight and won’t be much of a burden for the head. – It fits perfectly especially for an adult size. – Easily adjustable and can be done with one hand. – A nice design ideal for a slick and simple fashion – Good ventilation for proper air flow. – The strap is comfortable for the chin.


There have been a lot of problems when it comes to the size especially with a smaller head. It’s basically ideal for adults since it’s been manufactured based on the Universal Adult size. – The only adjustment is just for the strap under the chin. – The sun visor is a bit small so there’s not much protection for the face and the eyes against the sun. Tilting the helmet a bit lower may do the trick.

Overall, the Bell Citi Bike Helmet is ideal for protection on the head. It may not be good for extreme biking but this can do well when you’re training, strolling, or going distant miles with your bike. So it’s not ideal or recommended for those who love to do racing and going downhill. Aside from that, you can guarantee that your head will have some protection with this one rather than not wearing any protective gear at all. Just be sure to always follow the safety standards protocol to avoid any accidents while you’re biking.

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3. Bell Venture

Performance attributes and features of a high-end helmet at a rung bottom price is the best description of the all-new Bell Venture. Cyclists like its ventilation, adjustability, light weight, strength and durability

Product Description

This helmet has performance attributes of a high-cost bicycle helmet but is actually sold online at a relatively cheaper price. From the numerous Bell venture reviews by customers, it is easy to note that this is a highly regarded bicycle helmet among cyclist. The cyclist simply agrees that this helmet is quite great for its price. The product has some nice design features only found in high-end helmet. The cyclists are very much pleased with venture helmet’s easy to adjust chin strap – one hand adjustment through the Ergo Dial fit system. The padding system also helps minimize unnecessary friction and possible irritation. The helmet has an easy-to-remove visor that also just snaps-in during replacement. In addition, It’s Cam-Lock levers make adjusting the straps around the rider’s ears easier. With helmet on their head, the cyclist simply opens the cam, position it for comfort and lock the lever.

The Bell venture helmet can be obtained from the local stores, or ordered online, in a wide range of colors. The customer can choose from red and white, black, pink and silver and silver and titanium quality helmets. The Bell venture bike helmet weighs a mere 260 grams. This reduces the strain on the cyclist’s head hence increased comfort, especially during long rides. The helmet is CPSC certified which means it complies with the U.S consumer safety standards for bike helmets.

The helmet gives plenty of ventilation through its 23 air vents. The wavy vents also boost the helmet’s aesthetic appeal by giving it a decidedly innovative look. The three lower front vents also have bug nets. Even though these nets are unreliable protection from small insects, they protect the cyclists head from the bigger bags. Structurally, this helmet is quite strong. This helmet is constructed with a unique in-molded EPS-fused plastic shell. During its construction, the helmet’s micro shell is bonded to the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam layer. Unlike other techniques, where the EPS and the shell are formed separately and then taped together, the in-molding technique makes It sturdier and more solid.

With a slick design, the venture fits a wide range of head size and shapes and would look like if it was custom made for that particular cyclist’s head. It is both a unisex and a uni-sized helmet designed to fit both male and female riders with head size range between 54 to 62 centimeter round. From this range, it is evident that the ventures fit large adult heads. For small heads, however, this can be a limitation as the helmet’s size cannot be easily adjusted. It is advisable, however, to test the different sizes in your local store for a nice fitting Bell venture bicycle helmet before ordering it online. This helps you identify the right size for your head.


Comfortable Easy-to- fit Ergo Dial system Removable visor Variety of colors (7colors) Bug net in each of the front lower 3 vents Cheap Durable Sturdy and solid Well ventilated Light weight.


You may need sunglasses Difficulty in adjusting. its size Specifications Number of vents: 32; Fusion In-Mold Micro shell; Size: uni-sex Adult Size (54-61cm); Certification: CPSC; Certified Pinch Guard Buckle Ergo Dial Adjustment System; Snap-In Visor; Weight: 260g.

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4. Bell Faction Helmet

Almost all sports require a safety gear for protection. The most critical body part that can take serious damage will be the head. The head basically protects the brain so an injury to the head can be crucial. In order for the head to be safe, a helmet is commonly used as an extra protection. A helmet is helpful when you get thrown away from your bike and go head first. The helmet usually takes all the impact of the crash rather than it going directly to your head. Depending on how strong your head hits an object, the damage can be very devastating. So when you’re wearing a helmet, you’re doing a great deal for your life’s safety.

If you are into bikes then wearing a helmet is a must. Depending on your biking activities, you may need a different kind of helmet. So if you want to have a new look for a bike helmet, then you might be interested in having a Bell Faction Multi Sport Helmet. The use of this helmet is not only limited to biking but to other sports as well. This helmet is a combination comfort and style. What makes it unique is that its design is similar to a skate helmet. It is made of ABS hard plastic shell with a dual density EPS liner. A total of 12 vents are embedded for proper air flow which keeps warm air out and cool air in. A great thing when it comes to safety is that it’s ASTM 1492 skate certified and CPSC bicycle-safety standard.


To ensure the helmet’s safety standards, a thorough check of its features must be established. It is one way of assuring that you’ve chosen the right helmet for your sporting needs and that it can post no danger to you. To know what’s so great about this Bell Faction Helmet then here are its features:

  • The skate-inspired helmet design makes it ideal not only for biking but to skating and other sports as well.
  • Made with ABS hard plastic shell and a dual density EPS liner making it safe for your head.
  • 12 vents to keep your head cool at all times.
  • It weighs at 426 grams and it comes in three different sizes.
  • Certified with both CPSC bicycle-safety standard and ASTM 1492 skate giving you assurance


As a customer, you won’t only educate yourself about the product with the features alone. You must also need to know the advantages and disadvantages to see if it is safe enough for you. First off, you need to know the positive sides of the product also know as the advantages.

  • To keep the wearer comfortable, it is made with a well-fitting design.
  • Due to the skate-helmet inspired design, it is really cute to look at.
  • It is well made with the perfect materials to keep your head safe.
  • It is very functional when it comes to the protection of your head.
  • Sold at a very great price ideal for a helmet.
  • Available with different designs that can cater your taste.
  • Gives more protection than any other helmet.


Despite the good things, every product has some of its flaws as well. It’s the reason why manufacturers keep changing the design by improving the recent version. Every time a new model comes out, it still has problems that customers usually find. So for you to know what the downside of this product are then here are its disadvantages.

  • Since it weighs around 426 grams, customers find it a bit heavy than the typical helmet. The chin strap may fit uncomfortably.
  • The chin strap may fit uncomfortably.
  • Due to its skate helmet design, it looks pretty bulky. This is probably the reason why it weighs a little heavy.
  • The combination of the buckle / strap is horrible and it ruins the helmet’s look.


This helmet is really great for commuting because it may not be good enough for extreme protection. It can be something to at least keep your head safe on certain occasions. So if ever you plan on doing some stunts or something dangerous, this helmet can’t protect your head fully especially the face. Nevertheless, it’s still better to have this one on your head than having nothing at all.

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5. Bell solar helmet

Safety is a major concern in any sports especially if the sport is related to a vehicle drive. In order to protect the driver the safety equipment used must be of pristine quality. Bell (Bell sports) is one of the leaders in the market of safety gear throughout the world. It started about 40 years ago from automotive spare parts shop in Los Angeles. From then on, their quality and devotion led them to greatness. Not bell helmets are used in most of the major events such as formula one and tour de France cycle race. Bell has a whole line of safety helmets released in order to provide comfort and protection to the user. It is also one of them.

This helmet has been specifically designed for the adult population who prefer cycling as their hobby. It comes in great shapes and designs with one universal size that fits all. It has 23 vents and air spaces embedded in the helmet to et air pass in to the helmet. Aside from being protective and comfortable it is also aesthetic to look at which steals the show. Aside from these factors it has a lot of feature that are given below.

Fusion in-mold construction

A helmet is constructed out of three different layers that serve their own purpose. These are the shell, the nylon webbing and the EPS foam. The main safety issue faced is that all of these layers are produced separately and then infused together to form a single helmet. This may work to form a single finished product but from a safety point of view this is dangerous as, upon impact, the layers simple start to slde past each other and loses their functionality as a whole.

In this helmet the layers are created as a whole and they are infused together in a single mold when they are being produced. This results in a sturdier arrangement. This has helped to save many lived and have reduced some serious injuries that are inflicted in the sport. Since the EPS foam is infused in the mold along with the shell, the foam lasts longer giving you added comfort.

ErdoDial fit system

This helmet understands the fact that a large group of audience takes up cycling as a hobby and a fitness activity. This means that a single size is not enough to cater to the needs of the entire public. Solar helmet has come up with an innovative idea with the basic approach of one size fits all. An adjustable dial called the ergodial is used to adjust the size of the helmet. It will fit perfectly for a cranium size of 54-61 cm. this feature makes the Bell solar helmet perfect for young adults with a growing head since all they have to do is to adjust the ergodial.

Cam-lock levers

A major discomfort that is born by almost all of the people wearing a helmet is the fact that the strap mostly goes over the ear. This not only presses the ear continually but when we ride the cycle this strap rubs against the ear causing a nasty rash that makes wearing a helmet a painful ordeal. It has been equipped with a technology known as cam-lock levers. In this the position of the strap can be changed so that it does not rub up against the ear. This is an ingenious way to avoid the problem altogether.


This helmet is a very comfortably and ergonomically designed helmet that helps to protect while keeping you comfortable. Some of the pros of  solar helmet are Fitting- the It is equipped with a technology known as ergodial system. This enables the user to adjust the size of the helmet to fit comfortably on the head without being too tight or too loose. Airy and light- It has 23 slots in the shell which not only makes it airy but also makes it light weight so that you would not have to be burdened by the weight of a helmet while enjoying the ridePrice- the Bell solar helmet is reasonably priced for a helmet carrying such level of protection and you can buy it online. Why spend money on an expenses quality when you can have the same protection at a third price?


The main problem with this helmet is the chin strap that has been uncomfortably designed and irritates during the ride.Chin strap- the chin strap is comfortable and the combination of the chin strap with the rest of the helmet does not work. Bulky- although the this helmet is light weight but is extremely bulky for someone who cycles as a hobby.

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6. Bell Sweep

Safety is always the utmost priority when talking about outdoor sports and activities. One most widely enjoyed outdoor sport today by most people is biking. Biking can be done in different places plus it gets a lot more exciting when bikers go to mountains and rocky places. Of course, what better way to ensure safety in biking than to have only the best and high quality helmet to use, right? Today, one of the leading brands when it comes to biking helmets is Bell Sweep.

They are exactly the perfect choice for bikers especially in promoting safety. It has been in the business for quite a long time, thus continually developing and enhancing the products into becoming only the best to use by bikers out there. It also comes in many kinds to choose from depending on which will meet your preferences and style. Some of the many varieties of Bell Sweep helmets to choose from include Bell Sweep R and Bell Sweep XC. Sweep XC is considered to be more advanced than Sweep R because of its exquisite feature, the variable position visor or also called the VPV technology. Sweep XC is made even more comfortable with its all in all 20 vents and flexible adjustment control.

High-end helmet

What exactly makes Bell Sweep on top of all the other helmet brands out there? Indeed, the fact that it has more advantages than its drawbacks make it very worth buying already. Drawbacks of It can even hardly be determined, if there are then surely these are the super minor ones about these helmets. Firstly, It costs reasonably. It may be expensive, however the price is worth every dime you will spend on it. Speaking of comfort, this helmet is an expert. The helmets are designed specifically to provide utmost comfort to the biker thanks to its numerous vents and many adjustment controls possible in order to make the helmet fit you perfectly. Easy to adjust straps is also one of its many great features, adding of course to the comfort it gives when using it.

Moreover, the manufacturer made sure that the straps are long enough to be well adjusted and fitted to any head size. When speaking of its overall appearance, the Bell Sweep helmets are simply exemplary. Not only does it come stylish and fashionable, it also looks speedy which is a plus for any biker running for a race. If you have also noticed, the helmet is very light in weight and not heavy to carry. Overall, Sweep Bell is able to deliver all the important things which a helmet must have in order to be the best helmet any biker can have wherever it may be and on whatever season it will be used.

Overall, whatever Bell Sweep helmets you choose, may it be Bell Sweep R,  Sweep XC, or any other  Sweep for that matter, rest assured that you will be satisfied fully and every dime you will spend on it will be worth it. Having a peace of mind all the time when biking because you are sure of your safety is priceless. Choose your Bell Sweep today!

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7. Bell Drop Helmet

Extreme bikers always love taking their skills to a whole new level. For those who love to do their extremities by going downhill racing, it can be a dangerous one because you get faster as you descend. The adrenaline rush is great but what if you get an accident? Will it be worth it? If this is your idea of being extreme, you shouldn’t do it without some precautions or safety gear. If you love doing downhill racing, you need to protect your body especially your head.

For your head’s safety, you’ll need to wear a helmet or in this case, the Bell Drop Helmet. This full-face helmet is specifically designed for mountain bikers who love going downhill. This helmet is approved by CPSC and CE EN1078 bicycle standards as well as ASTM F1952-00 Downhill Mountain Bicycle Racing standard, which means that you can assure safety with this helmet. Aside from downhill racing, this helmet can also protect when you’re racing, training or even just strolling around on a normal day with your friends. So if you want safety while on your bike, this helmet can give you that.

In choosing which helmet is the right choice, you need to take a look at its features. So if you want to know how good Bell Drop Helmets are before actually buying it, then here are its features.


  • Exterior hardshell is made up of a hand laminated fiber glass exterior
  • Fully adjustable Flying BridgeVisor
  • Extra-thick EPS foam liner
  • Maximum protection with its full-face design
  • Integrated roost guard that can protect your mouth and chin
  • The large size weighs 1096 grams
  • Eight cooling vents
  • Approved by ASTM F1952-00 Downhill MTB safety standard and CPSC and CE EN1078 safety standards

Of course, once the features of the bike is clear to you, some basic reviews about the advantages and disadvantages are ideal to read because it can clearly define about customer experience and convenience. This is essential in choosing because it can affect your decision making.


The trust that you can guarantee when it comes to the protection is that the helmet is certified by the safety standards. So there’s assurance that nothing will happen to your head just as long as you have the helmet on. Apart from the size of the helmet, it is still light-weight. So there is no issue that your head will burden the weight even if you wear it for a longer time. As proven by many mountain bikers, this one is the most comfortable of all the full-face helmets especially when using it for downhill. It has cushioning pads that give total comfort to your head and it can be very helpful whenever the helmet takes on an impact. The liner can also be removed for a more convenient way of washing.


Since it’s a full-face helmet, expect to have less ventilation as well. Of course, this one still has great air flow but having additional vents will be more convenient. As for the size, it’s a bit bigger than the usual full-face helmet. But the big size may probably give a bit room for your head so that you won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing it. It may also be the reason why it can protect your head very well. If you’re strict when it comes to the design, then the logo for this one may capture your attention. TheBelllogo is not that good but then it wouldn’t matter since it has nothing to do when it comes to your protection.

In conclusion, when you finally have your Bell Drop Helmet, downhill racing can no longer be that much dangerous to you. But if you’re not into the downhill thing, you can also use this for other things such as motor biking, bike races and other extreme biking stuff. So whatever you do, it’s always important that your head is safe at all times. If this is in your possession, you can feel well-protected and will have no problems whenever your head experiences an impact.

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